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   Chapter 343 Timely Rescue

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The Four-wing Lame Dragon began trembling violently in the air to the extent that it plummeted towards the left side in a matter of seconds. The Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf did not want to let go of the Four-wing Lame Dragon this quickly, so it ran towards it. Then, it activated its furious chilling aura, which immediately froze the silver threads wrapped around its hind leg. Then, with a strong force, the silver threads were broken.

"That's it? The Four-wing Lame Dragon is already over there that quickly?" Rocky remarked with surprise appearing all over his face. He could not believe the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, at the fourth grade of the five-star level, was strong to the extent that it could defeat a spirit-manipulated beast at the fourth grade of the four-star level that easy.

Now that the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf went to hunt down the Four-wing Lame Dragon, its cave was empty and Rocky did not want to miss this opportunity. He wanted to find out the rare treasures in the cave and take them away before the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf came back. Having no time to spare, he made a detour along the side and got close to the cave as fast as he could. After he cast a glance at the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf's back, he immediately got into the cave. He just wanted the treasure; he did not want to linger in the cave.

Unfortunately though, Rocky found a terrible surprise waiting for him in there. He was greeted with another Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, a little cub at its first several months. It didn't even have fur over its body, and it was as small as a puppy in size. Right now, it was poorly curled into a tiny ball at the corner.

The little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf groaned with fear as soon as it saw Rocky.

"Stop that noise!" Rocky said fearfully. Its groan was slightly loud, so Rocky was afraid that this little fellow would alert the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf outside. The first solution to pop in his mind was to pour a drop of the magical saliva in the cub's palm. He then walked to the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf and tried to comfort it.

As he expected, the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf was attracted by the magical saliva, but it was still vigilant while glancing at Rocky. However, it failed to resist the temptation of the magical saliva and began licking its palm slowly.

"Now you eat the magical saliva and stay quiet, okay?" Once Rocky made sure that the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf would stay silent, he started looking around in the cave searching for some rare treasures. He soon

hole cave to shake violently as if there had been an earthquake. Fragment stones kept falling upon them, which made them believe that the cave was about to collapse at any minute.

Rocky dashed up and got the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf in his arm at once. Simultaneously, he activated all of his spiritual power while rushing out of the cave as quick as a lightning.

The Four-wing Lame Dragon could not let Rocky take away the little fellow, so it shook its body and shot out several silver threads towards Rocky. In a blink of an eye, those silver threads caught up with Rocky. As they waved violently behind him, Rocky got cut by their touches. They were so sharp that Rocky's body got covered with wounds in a few minutes.

No matter how painful these cuts were, Rocky did his best to run out of the cave. The Four-wing Lame Dragon was chasing after him. Rocky's attack had truly infuriated it to the core. It seemed to be going really crazy because as it ran through the entrance, it didn't bend down to get out, but directly hit through the wall instead.

The collapse frightened the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, and it cried out loudly. Hearing its own child's cries, the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf turned back in a hurry. As it ran towards the cave, it saw its baby lying in Rocky's arms and the Four-wing Lame Dragon chasing after him. Naturally, it immediately roared angrily and dashed up.

Rocky could not believe that this whole situation was real. The Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf before him and the Four-wing Lame Dragon behind him could easily kill him. He was just trying to help the little fellow at first, how did he get himself into all this mess?

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