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   Chapter 342 The Rare Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf

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After stepping forward stealthily between a group of boulders to ward off the dangerous Four-wing Lame Dragon flying above the sky of this area, Rocky, in the long run, arrived at the boulder where the Rainbow Glow Unicorn had jumped off. Yet, he didn't see the unicorn there. He thus bypassed the boulder and found himself startled by what was in front of his eyes. His face lingered in a skeptical expression, unblinking stare, while his brain desperately scrambled to make sense of it all.

At a distance not far off from where he was, there was an ice cave with its height a few meters. It was made up of sparkling ice crystal, which looked particularly dazzling under the gleaming of the sunlight. The ice cave was of considerable size inside. Despite Rocky being twenty or thirty meters away, he glimpsed a monstrous figure that was moving around in the cave. What was more stunning, he could distinctly feel the fantastic and powerful momentum emanating from the figure. Thus, in the back of his mind, he thought it should be an exceedingly powerful wild spirit-manipulated beast. At the same time, its strength should be more superior to that of the Four-wing Lame Dragon at the fourth grade of the four-star level, which was flickering around to pursue its food.

On top of that, Rocky discerned that there was an unusually strong spiritual aura in the ice cave. An extraordinarily rare treasure could be where it was radiated. The Spiritual Fairyland was the sole time he went through this kind of spiritual aura before. At that time, he felt the intense atmosphere from the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed produced by the Heaven Divine Lotus.

'Is there a rare treasure in this ice cave that possesses the same function as the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed?' Rocky struggled to figure out while sinking in deep thoughts. The thrilling findings made his eyes lighten up.

At that particular juncture, Rocky who was drowning in deep thoughts in a flash felt something pulling the corner of his clothes behind him. Glancing back in a dash, he noticed a beast emerging out of thin air. It was unquestionably the Rainbow Glow Unicorn he was seeking all the time.

"You little rascal..." Rocky uttered helplessly and patted the head of the unicorn. When he squinted, the unicorn was looking at him innocently, and then a feeling of both rib-tickling and infuriating crept up. He was so infuriating because he was worried like a cat on hot bricks that after the unicorn ran away randomly like a bat out of hell, he would lose it, or it could get hurt when the dangerous Four-wing Lame Dragon was flying above to search its prey. Yet, he also couldn't help but be amused by its innocent eyes. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn was not a human, and Rocky was conscious of that. So, it had no self-restraint; without a doubt, it would be captivated by rare treasures and dash away to find them. However, he a

ice was formed on the ground.

Adrenaline flooded in Rocky's system. His heart exploded with fear as it pumped and beat like it was trying to escape. The scene was terrifying. He perceived that the Dragon was not frail. If such a ball attacked a less powerful spirit-manipulated beast, it would become an ice sculpture in the blink of an eye with no doubt.

However, Rocky instantly perceived that something was amiss. Based on common sense and the law of the jungle, he was apprehensive that the Dragon would never pluck up the bravery to make the much stronger Fox-wolf's hackles rise for no reason. Otherwise, it was like digging its grave. So, what was so fascinating to the Dragon that it even dared to jeopardize its life to provoke the Fox-Wolf?

The next second, his concentration soon steered from the exchange of blows between the two beasts to the treasure hidden in the ice cave. His ultimate goal was to acquire the treasure. So, he twiddled his thumbs enduringly and tight-lipped until he could find the perfect opportunity to enter the ice cave.

At that moment, Rocky saw the torso of the Dragon trembling violently, as suddenly, more than a dozen silver silk threads appeared like agile snakes and shot straight to the Fox-wolf. When the Fox-wolf saw the silver threads flying in its direction, it seemed to be a little scared, like adrenaline had flown over its veins and immediately began to conceal itself away from them. Still, it was just not posthaste enough. One of its hind limbs was still entangled by two of the silver threads.

Extremely enraged like flies in a fruit jar, the Fox-wolf exploded a furious howl instantly and pulled his hind legs hard to get rid of the two silver threads, and the dominant force made the massive torso of the Dragon in the air shake. At the same time, two Ice Beam Balls were spurted in the air, and one of them hit precisely the right-wing of the Dragon...

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