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   Chapter 341 Extremely Perilous

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Rocky proceeded along with his three beasts. The forest was boundless that even the manipulators of the Divine Stage and the Immortal Stage hadn't gotten over the entire forest. Neither did Rocky. Whereas, he plotted to go back after going through part of the forest in front of him. After exploring, Rocky felt that it brought him to light again. However, the scene in front of him was disquieting. His brain stuttered for a flash, and his eyes took in more light than he expected; every part of him went on pause while his thoughts picked up.

Every scene in sight was left in wrecks. Various corpses and bones were noticeable everywhere. Horrible was the mere word that could undoubtedly illustrate the view of the scene. Some bigger spirit-manipulated beasts like crow were eating the corpse of a wild spirit-manipulated beast. The surroundings were debris of meat and organs, which made one disgusted. It caused a stomach-churning feeling.

"Is this Myriad Beasts Ground?" Rocky peeked far into the distance and found another dense jungle, valley, river, and massif after beasts buried ground. The landscape was out of the ordinary.

Flying wild spirit-manipulated beasts in the distance were vaguely visible, which seemed to be extremely dangerous.

However, what Rocky saw was merely a small part of the Myriad Beasts Ground. It was perceived that Myriad Beasts Ground was very mysterious and expansive.

Wild spirit-manipulated beasts being seen everywhere implied the horror of the Myriad Beasts Ground. He now stood at the edge of the Myriad Beasts Ground.

Rocky could tell the dangerous sense from the corners, stronger than the feeling he could tell in the forest.

Although Rocky was thoroughly equipped for the scene, he was now getting cold feet. The Myriad Beasts Ground was riskier than he had anticipated.

With a thunderous and triumphant roar, Rocky felt prompt nimble-footed appearing in front of his beasts. With an in-depth exploration, he discovered a Duckbilled Rat, a height of half of a man, was growling at his beasts. With a feeble tra


Then, Rocky discovered the Four-wing Lame Dragon was also flying in the direction of the palm forest as if it was enchanted by something. He furrowed his brows and became cognizant that the forest must be perilous. He couldn't leave Rainbow Glow Unicorn here alone.

After a halt, Rocky went after the dragon. He went carefully along with Uriah and Rubygon in the palm forest.

After a while, Rocky entered into a valley with craggy rocks of bizarre shapes surrounded by palm trees.

Rocky glared up and noticed that the dragon had also halted. Rocky concealed between two large stones with Uriah and Rubygon. The Four-wing Lame Dragon kept fluttering around in the sky as if it was in readiness for something eagerly.

With a shriek from the forest, it was the kind of howling that could make one's blood run cold. It pierced the brain and ignited some primeval pathway. Rocky peered and found Rainbow Glow Unicorn appeared at his right stone. It then hopped down from the stone.

"What the hell is it doing?" Rocky cudgeled his brains, and he signaled the other two beasts to conceal themselves. He sneaked off in Rainbow Glow Unicorn's direction. He kept his eye on the ball to avoid attracting the attention of the dragon above his head.

If the dragon that had reached the fourth grade of the four stars noticed Rocky, there would be disastrous repercussions.

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