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   Chapter 340 Big Gap

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There were a lot of reasons why the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill was referred to as one of the four masterstrokes. Ordinary spirit manipulators could not even imagine its miracle and overarching power.

And what Rocky figured out was to hide himself in the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill.

Sheridan had once told him that the spirit manipulator, who had cultivated the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill, could make one or more parts of his body animalize. Sheridan had shown what the animalization was. In other words, without Spirit Possession, the animalization could enable the manipulator to integrate the particular power of spirit-manipulated beasts and transform into any part of the spirit-manipulated beasts.

After he studied the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill that Sheridan had imparted to him, Rocky found that people couldn't animalize successfully if they just mastered the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill.

A basic condition needed to be met first. There should be a spiritual power connection between the spirit manipulator and the spirit-manipulated beast. This spiritual power connection was similar to a spiritual power contract. The biggest difference was that spiritual power contracts were unique, but the spiritual power connection could work on every spirit-manipulated beast including spiritual beast. It could also connect to more than one spirit-manipulated beast at the same time.

Contrary to spiritual power contracts, spiritual power connection was far more complicated. To achieve spiritual power connection, there were two requirements. Firstly, spirit manipulators should be knowledgeable about the spirit-manipulated beasts who needed connecting. Spirit-manipulated beasts should also be relaxed so that they would not resist spirit manipulators. Otherwise, spirit manipulators could be gravely hurt while spirit-manipulated beasts resisted in the process of connection.

Secondly, spirit manipulators must have strong self-control because the process to connect was always very dangerous. If people met these two requirements, it was possible to achieve spiritual power connection.

At the end of spiritual power connection, spirit manipulators had to engrave a mark on the spirit-manipulated beast's spiritual source through their spiritual power. With the mark, spirit manipulators could

This confused Rocky because there was nothing in the woods that could dare to provoke the four-star Armoured Oogway Bear. Even a four-star Trunk Giant in the same grade would not dare to fight them. The Armoured Oogway Bear was famous for its excellent defensive power. No matter how powerful the wild spirit-manipulated beasts were, it was difficult for them to break that invulnerable carapace.

Just in case, Rocky decided to move on as quickly as possible. He doubted that the Armoured Oogway Bear would attack them but it was better to be safe than sorry. The only four-star wild spirit-manipulated beast he met before was the Demonic Devouring Boa. At that time, he was almost eaten by the Demonic Devouring Boa because of Rainbow Glow Unicorn's trap. This incident reinforced his belief that this kind of spirit-manipulated beasts were horrible company.

After all, there was a world of difference between beasts in the three-star and four-star in grade three.

The power of the strongest three-star wild spirit-manipulated beast in grade three was equal to that of the spirit manipulator in the preliminary level of the Heavenly Stage. However, the four-star wild spirit-manipulated beast in grade three was at least equal to the spirit manipulator in third or fourth level of the Heavenly Stage. That was a really big gap.

Thus, it would be difficult for spirit manipulators in the Heavenly Stage to defeat a four-star wild spirit-manipulated beast in grade three. Especially Rocky, since he still had a long way to go before he reached the Heavenly Stage.

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