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   Chapter 339 How To Deal With The Rare Treasure

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Soon after, news that the enemies had retaken the Rough Slope reached the base camp of the Timber Deity Empire.

"Your Highness, our men were defeated and the Rough Slope has fallen to the Holy Dragon Empire!" a commander of the Timber Deity Empire reported urgently as soon as he walked into the camp of his top leader.

When the other commanders of the Timber Deity Empire heard the news, they exchanged stunned looks with each other. Although they knew that their princess, Alyssa never intended to hold the Rough Slope, it was still shocking to hear that it was recaptured so quickly. Obviously, the army that the Crimson Dragon Group sent to the Rough Slope was far from weak.

"Which army did the Crimson Dragon Group send to recapture the Rough Slope? How many soldiers did they have?" Alyssa, who was sitting in the Commander in Chief's position, asked immediately. She seemed quite calm for someone who had just lost a territory.

"Your Highness, it is said to be the northeast army of the Crimson Dragon Group. They seemed to have used only a few thousand soldiers to recapture the Rough Slope." Alyssa nodded to herself when she heard the commander's answer, as if she had just confirmed something.

"Of course... They would not send anyone else," Alyssa said confidently as if she planned it as well.

"Your Highness, you have already anticipated that happening?" the commanders wondered immediately. It had never crossed their minds and yet their princess had already predicted it. This was why they had come to respect her leadership despite her young age.

"The commander of the northeast army is called Marin. Although this woman is young, she is also very talented in the art of war. In the last confrontation between our two empires, she made our Timber Deity Empire army suffer quite a loss. However, none of the information is valuable. The most important information we received is that she has a secret identity," Alyssa said as the corner of her lips curved in a cold sneer. The others could tell she had found something favorable to them when they saw how excited she seemed to be.

"A secret identity?" The commanders on the spot glanced at each other and immediately began to speculate about the commander's secret identity.

"She is the niece of the Crimson Dragon Group's Commander in Chief, which also makes her the cousin of their Deputy Commander in Chief, Isis." Alyssa looked delighted as she shared this. She knew that not a lot of people knew this secret, even in their opponent's camp.

In addition to Lance and Isis, only a very limited number of highly ranked officers knew about that. Alyssa would have found it impossible to discover this if she was a normal citizen. Fortunately, Alyssa was not an ordinary person. She planted a spy in the Crimson Dragon Group, and this undercover spy had access to highly ranked officers of the Crimson Dragon Group.

After they

o Uriah. As for the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, it was totally not considered unless it would submit to him and show loyalty to him. He would not be foolish enough to invest his resources in it until it had proved its loyalty.

Therefore, this blue spiritual crystal could only be absorbed by Rubygon.

Of course, Rocky would not treat the Rainbow Glow Unicorn unfairly. It was because of its guidance that he found the rare blue spiritual crystal. This was why he rewarded it with three drops of magical saliva in a row. This reward made it so jubilant that it pranced and danced and was in a good mood for hours after.

Just when Rocky was going to let Rubygon absorb the spiritual power of the blue spiritual crystal, an unexpected and troublesome problem occurred. The blue spiritual crystal was very special, and it had a strong spiritual power. It could not be separated and only with the consumption of its spiritual power would it shrink accordingly.

Therefore, if a spirit-manipulated beast wanted to absorb the spiritual power in a spiritual crystal, this process must be completed based on the spiritual power contract. A spiritual power contract should be signed between a spirit manipulator and his spirit-manipulated beast which would then be used as a link. Through this link, the spirit manipulator could inject the spiritual power of a spiritual crystal into the body of his spirit-manipulated beast.

The problem was that Rubygon was not Rocky's spirit-manipulated beast yet. So, there was no spiritual power contract between them. Consequently, it was impossible for Rocky to inject the spiritual power in the blue spiritual crystal into Rubygon's body.

At first, Rocky was stumped. Common sense dictated that his problem had no solution, but he was far from giving up. He meditated on the problem for hours until he figured out a way. The Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill could be used to solve his current dilemma!

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