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   Chapter 338 Minor Victory

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The Fly-eye Adder was about to attack Rocky who had no more branches to escape to. However, he purposely fell down the ancient tree and caused the Fly-eye Adder to barely miss him.

The branches that had fallen in the marsh were scattered all over it. Rocky fell on one of these branches.

As Rocky got up from the branch, he whistled to the beasts on the other side of the marsh and directed Uriah mentally. He leaped along the branches until he got closer and closer to the opposite side of the marsh.

The branches could not last long on the surface of the marsh and had begun to sink. Rocky did not have enough time to cross before they all sank.

The other Fly-eye Adder that was waiting at the root of the tree chased Rocky once he fell down. Its approach hit some branches along the way and flung them into the air.

Rocky took out his bottle with a drop of magical saliva from his silk bag. He carried this bottle everywhere in case he needed to attract any wild beasts. He opened the bottle and tossed the magical saliva up in the air.

The Fly-eye Adder was attracted immediately by the unique aura of the magical saliva and hesitated for a second.

Rocky used this moment of distraction and jumped on the branches that had fallen from the adder's attack. He used these branches to cross the marsh.

Rocky hastily jumped from branch to branch, he timed his jumps just before the branches sank.

When he was a few feet from the opposite side, another adder rushed at Rocky. It snapped the branch under his feet and sent him flying across the sky.

Rocky lost his balance in the air and the Fly-eye Adder geared up for another attack, its filthy mouth opened wide. Rocky released his spi

ther troop and they attacked the weakest defensive spot as one.

It was a testament that a fierce war was coming soon.

Night fell. Fire and smoke could be seen in all directions of the military camp in Rough Slope. Corpses and blood were everywhere, while those who were injured loitered around.

"Commander, their remaining force has retreated south. Should we pursue them?" Marin looked up at Deputy Commander Chen's question.

"No. We have a lot of casualties too. If we pursue them and they receive backup, we will be in a disadvantage. We will take over the Rough Slope. Send messages to our main camp and inform the Deputy Commander in Chief that we have taken back the Rough Slope," Marin ordered. Her tone was sure and strong despite the exhaustion she felt.

Although she had succeeded in her campaign and they were able to take back the slope, Marin felt that something unusual was going on. It seemed that the Timber Deity Empire didn't plan to hold the field in the first place. They were too lax and had given up too easily. Her brows furrowed in confusion. 'Were they just careless? What was their true intention?'

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