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   Chapter 337 Super Killer

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6166

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When they saw Rocky get attacked, the three beasts beside the marsh became restless and anxious. However, they could not do anything to help him. They had no way to reach him, how could they help him?

Rocky was thrown towards the ancient tree, where he originally planned to go. Another unexpected shadow surged up when he was only a meter away from the ancient tree. Another creature seemed to want him, its fierce mouth opened wide towards Rocky.

"Damn it! Another one!?" Rocky yelled angrily. The wide mouth was so close that he could smell its stinking breath. It was too late to dodge.

"Flash!" Rocky shouted and disappeared into thin air. Simultaneously, several glinting figures flashed above the marsh.

When the long shadow saw that its target had vanished suddenly, it slowed down and changed its direction to one of the glinting figures. While it was distracted, a figure emerged from the spot where Rocky disappeared in and violently kicked the long shadow's head. It used the counterforce of the kick and flew backwards. The figure caught a branch that was sticking out of the ancient tree and quickly climbed up. The figure could now clearly be seen, now that it had stopped moving so fast. It was, of course, Rocky. He contemplated the two long shadows that attacked him, which were crawling freely in the marsh.

They seemed to be some kind of wild spirit-manipulated beast that lived in the marsh.

Rocky observed their features and finally recognized what they were. They were Fly-eye Adders, famous marsh killers. The Fly-eye Adder's retina was crimson in color and sharp enough to see every movement of its prey. It relied on its keen eyes, and could tell the prey's movement pattern which made its attacks precise and fast. They were viewed as super killers. Before their prey even noticed their presence, they had

er was getting closer and closer to Rocky. Its tongue kept on flicking as it crept among the lush branches.

Rocky's brows knitted in concern. It would be difficult if he fought on a tree, and there was little room for him to hide. Although his current strength was a good match against a Fly-eye Adder at the third grade of the three-star level, it was a different story now that he was out-numbered.

Against two opponents, Rocky had to fight on his own without his beasts' help.

The Fly-eye Adder was only inches away from Rocky now. As its whip-like tongue swept over towards him, Rocky jumped up to avoid that attack. With a loud crack, the branch where he stood before broke off and dropped into the marsh. It sunk halfway and bobbed over the surface for a while.

Rocky's eyes lit up when he saw that. He shook the blue spiritual crystal in front of the Fly-eye Adder. Provoked, the Fly-eye Adder hissed madly and furiously charged towards Rocky.

Rocky narrowly dodged its attacks as he jumped from branch to branch. Every branch he jumped on broke off and dropped into the marsh. A few moments later, almost half of the branches had fallen and it seemed that he had no way to escape the Fly-eye Adder further.

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