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   Chapter 336 Adventures In The Malicious Forest

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As Marin was making plans to retake control of the Rough Slope from the Timber Spirit Empire, Rocky was advancing to the Myriad Beasts Ground. He groped his way through the mysterious forests. It was like a maze in which he would never find a way out.

He was aware that the deeper he went into the forest, the more dangers he would have to encounter.

Rocky felt like he had been traveling through the forest for years already. He had so far encountered the Trunk Giant and the cluster of Venom Hounds some time earlier. He would have died if he fought them outright, but he tricked them to engage in a battle against each other instead. Thanks to that, he was able to leave the scene unscathed and immediately continued on his journey to the south. The further he went, the stronger the wild spirit-manipulated beasts were. The spirit-manipulated beasts at the second grade of the three-star level were everywhere. They were as prevalent as the rubbish one or two-star wild spirit-manipulated beasts in the previous areas. On top of that, even the spirit-manipulated beasts at the third grade of the three-star level were also gathered in packs and herds. Although none were as powerful as the Trunk Giant, it could be their end if they fought against more than one.

With this dangers he had encountered, Rocky proceeded with extreme care. He gave his utmost effort and chose routes that had no evident tracks of spirit-manipulated beasts. This strategy did not fully rid him of attacks but it did lessen these encounters which made these situations more manageable.

Rocky would have regretted entering the mystical but highly perilous forest if not for the precious treasures it also held. Thanks to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, Rocky had already discovered three priceless rare treasures in only half a day's time. These treasures were more effective than the Dark Heaven Egg. The discovery convinced him that there must be more precious treasures in his coveted destination, the Myriad Beasts Ground. However, from the dangers that surrounded its periphery and made up its border, one could easily surmise how much more dangers it surely held.

Rocky's train of thought was interrupted when he saw that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn seemed to be ready to proceed on their journey once again. He had decided to take a short break before they entered a dim basin which was surrounded by marshland.

"Do you sense anything?" Rocky tapped the elegant, slim neck of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn as he asked it.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn raised up its head alertly and then ran forward suddenly. It had taken a few steps as Rocky watched until it disappeared.

Rocky hinted at Uriah and Rubygon that it was time they tailed the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. They followed it into the marshland basin which was full of hazardous traps. Rocky an

rought along. He left only the Frozen Wind Dagger with him so he would not burden himself. Next, he observed the marsh in front of him cautiously. When he did not find any suspicious movements or presences, he raised his head to look for a way forward. He found woody vines suspended from a tall tree's branches not far away. The woody vines were quite long, most of them were long enough to touch the ground. He aimed at a tree which was located nearest to the old tree. He leaped dexterously and landed on a big and solid branch. He picked up several woody vines and twisted them to make sure they were strong enough to hold him. He tied these extended woody vines to the branch of the tree, so that he could slip himself down en route the woody vine. Lastly, he unleashed a stream of spiritual power to the tree trunk behind him.

The spiritual power hit the tree on its trunk with a thump. It formed the reverse-thrust power which pushed Rocky and the woody vines together, higher and higher. The distance between Rocky and the old tree shortened greatly.

Rocky grabbed the chance and leaped forward to the old tree. He was about to reach it when a long figure sprang up from the gloomy marsh. It looked like a water dragon shot out from the sea which splashed a hail of muddy water.

A giant scarlet mouth had opened and was coming right at Rocky. He was dangling on air as a long tongue snapped out like a whip towards him.

Rocky kept calm and analyzed the situation quickly. He knew that there was not enough time to dodge the whipping tongue since it was too close already. He quickly drew out the Frozen Wind Dagger and cut into the air which formed a curved spiritual knife edge.

The spiritual knife edge he threw collided with the long tongue. The tongue was derailed from its original direction and bashed Rocky on the shoulder. With a crash, Rocky was thrown off.

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