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   Chapter 334 A Land Of Wonder

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 10195

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Rocky spent the whole evening in the cave, where he studied the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill. The next morning, he observed the injury on the Rainbow Glow Unicorn's foot and checked if it was healing properly. When he ascertained that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn had healed enough to walk comfortably without assistance, he decided to continue to go to the Myriad Beasts Ground together with the three beasts.

He found that there were more higher level wild spirit-manipulated beasts as he got closer to his destination. He observed that when he had just begun the journey, the spirit-manipulated beasts he saw were often one-star bottom grade wild spirit-manipulated beasts. After a while, two-star second grade wild spirit-manipulated beasts replaced their weaker counterparts, gathered around in groups. As he traveled farther, he started seeing three-star second grade or even three-star third grade wild spirit-manipulated beasts. With this pattern, he expected to see precious and rare spirit-manipulated beasts as he got nearer to their destination. Plus, such spirit-manipulated beasts would surely show up driven by their attraction to Uriah's savory saliva. Nevertheless, a sense of crisis came over Rocky on his way. As a result, he had to reorganize his objectives and plans. He especially had to dwell on his goals that he needed to achieve while he was in this place. He determined that the widening of his horizon and collection of information would be his primary objective. Second to this, he wanted to find treasures that could help him make a breakthrough and reach the Heavenly Stage.

Fortunately, none of the three-star third grade wild spirit-manipulated beasts he met later was as tough as the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard to beat. It was even unnecessary for him to fight against them by himself. Uriah and Rubygon were able to beat them by themselves, which made him feel absolutely proud of them. All the while, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn only watched the fights from a distance and avoided confronting the fierce wild spirit-manipulated beasts by itself. Rocky shook his head at the remembrance that he had such a cowardly but greedy beast.

Along the way, Rocky was deliriously happy when he found several extremely rare treasures that were similarly effective as a primary Dark Heaven Egg. He also met quite a few spirit-manipulated beast species that he had never seen before, which he enthusiastically searched for in the Beast Encyclopedia as soon as he saw them. Some of them were rare species, such as Nine Tattoo Lion, Black Blood Neofelis and Runaway Cony Cat. None of them proved very capable, but meeting them was a good experience for Rocky. He not only increased his knowledge but also collected many samples.

After he beat three three-star second grade Clouded Buffaloes, Rocky and the three beasts replenished their strength and continued on. Before long, Rocky saw a vast forest in front of his eyes. Densely distributed, the trees looked so tall that they almost touched the clouds. The sun was cover

n with a burst of great noise, a group of big trees fell on the ground one by one, as if they were hit by something extremely heavy.

Rocky's brows furrowed at the scene. With his eyes, he hinted the three beasts to step backwards immediately. As they moved, the nearest trees started falling as well. From there, a giant, about a height of five or six meters appeared in front of their eyes.

The giant stood upright like a human. Its six arms waved up and down as it walked. It had hoofs for its feet and they looked humongous. Rocky's brain supplied that when encircled, its arms were as tall as two men. The giant could stamp down a tree with a height of more than ten meters with only one hoof. It had a long nose, like that of an elephant's. As powerful as a tornado, the nose could blow big trees down.

Rocky felt himself erupt in cold sweat. He had seen this giant in the Beast Encyclopedia. It could be a Trunk Giant. According to the Beast Encyclopedia, a Trunk Giant was like a forest guardian. It would walk around the whole forest in a specific route. Along the way, it would clear away wild spirit-manipulated beasts. In this way, it maintained the balance among species in the whole forest. Trunk Giants lived only in ancient and sunless forests, which were mysterious and largely unexplored places. Rocky never even thought he would be able to see one.

The lowest grade of Trunk Giants were in three-star level, while the highest grade of them were in five-star level, which had the same strength as spirit manipulators at the Supernal Stage. It showed that the highest grade of Trunk Giants were horrifyingly capable war beasts. The Trunk Giant was also included in the list of war beasts among the spirit-manipulated beasts. It was known for its fierce attack force.

Fortunately, the Trunk Giant in front of Rocky's eyes at the moment was only of three-star third grade. Nevertheless, this Trunk Giant was giving out a similar aura to that of Uriah or the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard they had met before.

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