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   Chapter 333 A Horrible Opponent

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Updated: 2020-02-06 01:18

At the battlefront in the main camp of the Crimson Dragon Group, soldiers and spirit manipulators in charge of the patrol went to and fro. The moon had hidden behind thick clouds, as if in avoidance of the tense air that filled the camp.

Amidst the bumbling activity of the camp, chaos had erupted in one of the tents. Multiple voices rose and fell in heated discussions after they had heard the news.

"What did you say? The Rough Slope was taken by the enemies? What's the casualty?" Isis stood up at the news when her body refused to sit still in distress. She looked down at the spirit manipulator who had just brought the message and urged him to continue.

"The whole squad holding the Rough Slope is gone, including two Frontline Commanders." The other commanders let out whispered swears and gasps when the spirit manipulator answered.

"How could this be possible? The fort held strong two days ago. How come it was taken so easily?" Marin and other commanders exchanged confused looks with each other. Nobody dared to interrupt even though they themselves were dying to know more about the situation.

"It appears that the two Frontline Commanders had a disagreement with each other. When the enemy charged, an internal conflict burst in the squad led by the two. The enemy took this opportunity and launched a raid last night and completely defeated our army."

Dreadful silence fell upon the room. Some of the commanders breathed shallowly, conscious of how loud their harsh breath was in comparison to the tense silence that encompassed the room.

Suddenly, a loud bang broke the strained silence. Marin and other commanders looked to where the sound had come from. Isis had one hand on the table and her eyes blazed with anger. The Rough Slope was the most crucial site in the defense line Isis had set up. Now that it was lost, more than half of the parts along the defense line would be affected. All as a result of the pride and stupidity of two commanders. Nobody could fault her for being enraged.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, what should we do next?" Marin asked Isis immediately. Isis glanced at her in appreciation. She loved her focus and calm in critical moments like this one.

"We need to take the Rough Slope back as soon as possible. If the enemy takes this chance to enter the wooded area of our battlefront, we would be in greater danger. I didn't expect the leading commander of the Timber Deity Empire to realize that the Rough Slope was our weakness, and so quickly too." Isis had received a report earlier that the general commander of the Timber Deity Empire this tim

Mr. Sun would be doing this upgrade," Alyssa said with anticipation.

"That's great! Mr. Sun is the most competent beast tamer in our Timber Deity Empire. It's said that he doesn't even care about fame or money and he is very difficult to hire."

"Right. I also heard that his Beast Taming Skill is unparalleled in the Wild Spirit Land and many nations want him."

"It's said the spirit-manipulated beasts raised by him are the strongest and fiercest in battles."

The commanders of the Timber Deity Empire shared their opinions loudly, each one excited about the news.

"He is the best, but only in the Timber Deity Empire. The best beast tamer in the Wild Spirit Land is Sheridan of the Holy Dragon Empire. He has led an isolated life for many years. But I received a report that he now works for the Crimson Dragon Group, in charge of all the spirit-manipulated beasts of the group. That is the reason I invited Mr. Sun," Alyssa said seriously.

"I've heard about Sheridan before. As far as I know, he is quite a peculiar guy. Is he really better than Mr. Sun in the Beast Taming Skill?" One of the commanders questioned her suspiciously. She understood it was not her decision that he found doubtful but Sheridan's ability.

"That is why Mr. Sun promised to come. When I mentioned Sheridan to him, he accepted my invitation immediately. He wants to prove that he is the best beast tamer in the Wild Spirit Land. As for who is truly the best, we will know soon." Alyssa smiled like the cat that caught the canary. All the commanders present looked at her in awe, as she stood amidst them with confidence.

"Prepare yourselves. We will win this war!" Alyssa was absolutely a horrible opponent to anyone in the battlefield.

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