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   Chapter 332 Another Sleepless Night

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 10085

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Rocky knew that a beast would never leave its safe nest easily unless it had to. So, it would be too hard to trick the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard into getting out of the pool. Even the magical saliva would fail to do that, too. These factors left Rocky no other choice but to try to destroy the part inside its body with the function of absorbing water. In this way, he could prevent it from absorbing the water in the pool and firing water bombs against him and his war beasts.

You would think that this was a piece of cake but it was the complete opposite. The Beast Encyclopedia did not describe where exactly that part was, so Rocky had to find it himself. He thought about it a lot and then decided to dive into the pool to have a close examination on the lizard and find out that part.

When he saw that his two war beasts were fighting furiously with the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard, he thought that this was the good timing to get into the water because the lizard was busy. He stealthily dived into the water from the other side and approached it silently. Looking from the bottom of the water, Rocky could see that the lizard's body was completely covered by the layer of water film that provided it with strong defensive power. Its three huge tails were rotating in the water like a propeller producing strong suction power.

Sure that the three tails were the parts he was looking for, Rocky immediately smirked and swam to the end of the lizard as quickly as possible. He injected his spiritual power at the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage into the Frozen Wind Dagger. Instantly, the length of the spiritual light of the dagger transformed into the long length like a sword's. Trying to do his best, Rocky flung his Dagger hard. The next moment, the spiritual light of the dagger dashed towards the lizard and cut off one of its huge tails. As a result, a pale green liquid was gushing out from the cut, contaminating the water in a strange way.

The shooting pain of the lizard who was still floating on the water was reflected in a harsh scream. Its body was trembling violently and was madly thrashing in the water. Its violent motion made the water of the pool onrushing. Rocky was too close to the angered lizard and had no time to get away from it. Thus, he was rolled into the terrifying waves and his whole body was like a puppet in the water. Suddenly, he was thrown out from the bottom of the pool into the air and showed up exactly on the side of the lizard.

The enraged lizard did not only roar at Rocky once it saw him, but also hit him with its tails that were originally in the water.

Rocky realized that he was in a seriously dangerous situation; however, it was impossible to adjust his position in the air. Thus, all he could manage to do was gather all his spiritual power to resist the violent hit. Yet, the lizard's tails hit Rocky so hard that he was forced to fly high into the air. If anyone else was watching from afar, they would think that Rocky was nothing more than a

r entering the cave, he kindled a bonfire by using a pile of firewood he had collected along the way. The three beasts, lying by the fire, soon felt sleepy due to their tiredness and the warmth surrounding them. Yet, Rocky was not sleepy at all. Watching the sparks which were constantly bursting out from the firewood, he could not help but drown in his own thoughts. He was envying the beasts that, unlike him, did not have anything to overthink. He, on the other hand, was thinking about a woman with a beautiful, peaceful and elegant face. She reminded him of the fragrant lily.

"Lena, how are you doing now?" Rocky couldn't help but murmur to himself with a sentimental tone filled with endless guilt. Lena was the first woman to shake Rocky's heart. Yet, he hurt her without intending to do so. He didn't even get a chance to explain to her. His guilt kept torturing him on a daily basis. Now that he was exiled to the army, he would never find a chance to see her and explain anything to her.

"Roar!" At that moment, Uriah let out a long howl towards the faint moon out of the cave. Its roar seemed to reflect its master's feelings. Soon, Uriah and the other two war beasts were sound asleep.

'On a silent and cold night, a sad man is lost in his thoughts, ' Rocky thought teasingly. He couldn't help but laugh, though.

Soon after, Rocky regained his usual composure and put on his evil look. If you could see him then, you would say that he looked like a wild wolf that could not be tamed.

"Right, Sheridan has taught me the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill. I haven't started researching it yet! It seems that tonight will be another sleepless night for me... I can't even remember the last time I fell asleep at night!" Rocky said and laughed at himself. The Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill soon came into his mind. He then immersed himself completely into studying it. All he had to do now was to force himself to grow stronger, so that he could regain what he originally had.

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