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   Chapter 331 The Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard

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Suddenly, a wild spirit-manipulated beast slowly rose from the vortex. It looked like a giant lizard with three tails. Its whole body was covered with a thick film like a bizarre water gloss, which could function as a natural disguise. Its three tails swung in the air haphazardly. The spirit-manipulated beast was like a chameleon, its color changed and adapted to blend with its environment.

"A Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard!" Rocky exclaimed excitedly when he saw the spirit-manipulated beast. His eyes sparkled with eagerness and curiosity.

As stated by the Beast Encyclopedia, the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard was a special spirit-manipulated beast, similar to the Dark Heaven Insect. What differentiated it from the Dark Heaven Insect was that the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard could not lay eggs. In its stead, it produced the Water Essence Pill as it absorbed the spiritual power continually since it lived under water.

The quality and power of the Water Essence Pill were heavily associated with the level of the beast. The highest grade for the beast was four stars. And a four-star beast could produce the highest-level Water Essence Pill. Although the beast in front of him was only a three-star one, he could tell that the power of the pill inside the body was much stronger than that of a medium-grade Dark Heaven Egg.

And the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard was just as rare as the Dark Heaven Insect due to its innate hiding ability. If they did not want to show themselves, even the master of the Supernal Stage could not find any traces of them. It was often said that even if the beast stood right in front of the master, he would still be unable to sense it. That was definitely not an exaggeration.

"It looks like it's only at the lower third grade of three stars, but it has amazing strength equal to the spirit manipulator of the preliminary level of the Heavenly Stage." Rocky analyzed the beast quickly. His mind scrutinized each feature as he decided how he could defeat it.

"Let's get started!" Rocky firmly commanded Uriah and Rubygon.

Since Uriah and Rubygon had cooperated with each other plenty of times in the past, they already knew each other's fighting style well. They separated immediately after they received the order from Rocky. Meanwhile, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn suddenly headed to Rocky instead of the enemy and took all of the magical saliva in his hand. When it finished that, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn seemed to glow in sati

e-tailed Aquatic Lizard. The beast did not stop either. It sent out several high-speed compressed water bombs to Uriah. Through the gap between those attacks, Uriah dived down and got closer to the beast. It struck hard against the water film. Steam sizzled out from where Uriah had dug its claws.

At first, the steam gave Rocky hope. But when he noticed that all Uriah's fire power accomplished was that it made the beast steam, he realized he was in big trouble.

Despite the fact that the Three-tailed Aquatic Lizard was only at the third grade of three stars, it seemed that it was more powerful than any other beast with the same level. Nothing Uriah did seemed to have an effect on the beast and he was at a loss.

Rocky ordered Uriah and Rubygon and they attacked continuously. This way, the beast was sufficiently distracted as he tried to think of a plan.

Rocky rattled his mind for everything he knew about the beast.

"If we can't break down its shield even for a short time, we at least need to block its attack. It seemed that water bomb was its only way of attacking. If we can block the water bomb, there is no other choice for it but to give up," Rocky muttered to himself.

He once again consulted the Beast Encyclopedia in his mind for the information about the beast. According to the book, there was a special organ that enabled the beast to compress water into a bomb. And obviously, the source of the water was not its own body but the pool. If he could just separate the beast from the water, he could stop it from producing bombs. Yeah, that was a good plan. Now to the hard part, how was he supposed to do that?

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