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   Chapter 330 Rare Treasures

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Given that Rocky had a one-month holiday, he organized a journey of cultivation. After he arranged everything for his journey, he set off with Uriah, Rubygon, and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Reaching the Heavenly Stage was the prime reason the journey was established.

Rocky had no other rare treasures to assist his cultivation. He had only the Dark Heaven Eggs and the magical saliva. Although the two treasures he possessed were miraculously effective, he yet needed more of such a kind. Progressing through to the Heavenly Stage was not a walk in the park. That was an upgrade between two stages. Except for proficient vigor, one still required some rare treasures to provide aid. At a life and death moment, they would save a spirit manipulator one-half of the effort during upgrading.

Seeking rare treasures for such a juncture became his most essential task.

For ordinary spirit manipulators, this would be being in cloud cuckoo land. This was unlike Rocky's case, where it would be like shooting fish from a barrel. The reason was that he had a helper that was so perfect at such an occasion. It would be a tremendous loss if he did not grab the golden opportunity and make good use of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. After all, he could not authenticate whether the unicorn would surface next time.

His other purpose during this trip was to assemble the specimens of different spirit-manipulated beasts. He needed to investigate the genomes of spirit-manipulated beasts of distinct types based on the data analysis of immense information.

That was an arduous task, and accomplishing it within a brief duration of time would be like drawing blood from a turnip. Therefore, Rocky's purpose for this trip was to collect the samples of twenty kinds of spirit-manipulated beasts.

Myriad Beasts Ground was Rocky's destination as he planned to head for the northeast.

It was by sheer luck that Rocky heard of that place. He heard it when he was leaving the headquarters and picking up his carriage and things from the Super Beast Farm. It was discerned that no one was in the limelight on how massive the Myriad Beasts Ground was. The main reason was no one had succeeded in passing through that place. As one entered it and progressed further, they would discover more disconcerting aspects of it. Numerous wild spirit-manipulated beasts of all kinds were all present in the Myriad Beasts Ground.

In the same instance, that was an exceedingly dangerous place. Nearly all of the spirit-manipulated beasts in there were three-star ones. Rocky also discover

as quiet as a church mouse.

After searching around for a while, his search bore no fruits since he discovered nothing at all. Rocky threw in the towel and swam back to the surface.

"Hey you! Are you certain as monument of brass there is a wonderful thing in the lake?" Rocky inquired the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, snorting for air.

The Rainbow Glow Unicorn nodded.

"Well, then I'd better give it another shot." Rocky shook his head and dived into the lake again.

An hour afterward, he yet discovered nothing at all.

"I can't believe that even you will make a mistake sometime," Rocky said to the Rainbow Glow Unicorn with wide eyes after he went back to the land. He was accustomed to such a scenario. Previously, he regularly found nothing following the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

Out of the very depths of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, flowed all its emotion, and as the groaning flow passed its lips, it became a cry of confession, a wail reaching out for redemption. The Rainbow Glow Unicorn then looked at Rocky innocently.

"Very well, then! Don't stare at me that way. I will give you one drop, okay? It's your tip." Rocky took out the bottle and pour a drop of the magical saliva in his palm, and then he reached his hand in front of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

However, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn didn't take it. Instead, it turned to peer at the serene lake.

Rocky felt awkward about that, and he followed its sight to peer at the lake. All of a sudden, a turbulent vortex appeared at the center of the lake and continued whirling. The original serene lake now became furious.

In a moment, a water pillar spurt out in the center of the whirlpool and sprinkled water in every direction.

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