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   Chapter 329 A Good Plan

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"This time, Captain Rocky is really out of line! Is he in charge of army provisions and goods delivery? Why should he deliver halfway through the journey and require other troops to coordinate with him?" An Elite Commander protested heatedly. Rocky's suggestion seemed to evoke the ire of the majority in the tent.

Currently, the room was in an uproar as nobody seemed willing to listen to any explanation. They were busy as they aired out their complaints fiercely.

"Does Rocky realize how full he is of himself. If you look for hubris in a dictionary, his picture would be right next to it. It's a joke how he thinks he can do this to us," Flank sneered. He had not forgotten what Rocky had done to him. He felt vindicated as he heard how most of the Commanders insulted Rocky.

"Captain Rocky said he has explained why he wanted to do this in this paper. He said he wrote it very clearly as it was of utmost importance for us to understand it." Louis felt sweat roll down his spine as he talked. The Commanders weren't angry at him but that knowledge did not help when most of the Commanders were intimidatingly glowering at him. Despite this, he focused on his task and tried to maintain his calm. He took out the paper written by Rocky and handed it over to Isis.

Isis opened it carefully and grinned. "I wonder what he was thinking when he did this," murmured Isis.

When they heard that, the Commanders looked at each other, but it was obvious not one of them knew what Isis was talking about. Well, except Marin, maybe.

"Commander Marin, please look at this and explain it to everyone." Isis passed over the paper to Marin as they exchanged a knowing glance and a smirk that disappeared as quickly as it had come.

Marin nodded and read the paper loudly so the others would also hear. A look of pleasant surprise and understanding quickly spread across her face.

"I devised this method to reduce the chance of interception by the enemy when the army provisions and goods go through the perilous areas. As is known to all, the transportation squad has weak fighting capability and no ability to compete with the troops in the frontier. Based on transportation records from the last three months of war with Timber Deity Empire, the most vulnerable area was close to the frontier. This was where the enemies blocked and intercepted a lot of the supplies and could be considered the most dangerous place. Enemies intercepted our army provisions frequently by using their mobile troops. As a result, the front suffered scarcity of provisions which caused their morale to lower and the soldiers to weaken. We have to be careful of the lack of food or the soldiers could start a mutiny. In dangerous areas, transportation squads could only protect themselves and have no ability to protect the army provisions. If we use this method and our troops are able to escort the supp

ll of Commanders looked at Louis sharply. They were obviously jealous and envious, convinced that Louis had only gotten this citation because of Rocky's brilliance. They thought of him as a beginner, who had taken office just a few days earlier and now had a merit citation second class. They all thought they could do better, if they were also in the right place at the right time just as he was.

"To be honest, Rocky worked out this plan and we owe everything to him. I couldn't take this credit. It should be Rocky's," Louis said modestly as he arched his hands. He would not dare to take the credit for himself.

"I think Rocky could not care less about the second-class merit. It belongs to you so take it. He might have done this for something else," Isis said. She understood Rocky very well and knew that he would refuse this second class merit anyway, just so he would not be promoted.

Louis smiled awkwardly and thought that he had promised Rocky a month of holiday for this plan. Obviously, Rocky got what he wanted and lost nothing at all.

Isis knew the answer as soon as she saw Louis' reaction, but she opted not to ask him any further questions. She just asked the Commanders and Louis to leave with the exception of Marin.

"What did I say, Marin? We'd better run along the bushes, instead of confronting Rocky directly. He does not do well with direct orders but guiding him where we want to is more beneficial," Isis said to Marin with a confident smile on her pretty face.

"He is the kind of man who will amaze the people with a brilliant feat once he promises to do it," Marin said and then continued, "When do you plan to transfer him to the frontier?"

"I'm still waiting for the appropriate moment. I can feel it's not the right time yet. We need to wait patiently..." Isis said, a pensive expression on her face.

Marin nodded in agreement. Waiting was always the most difficult part.

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