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   Chapter 328 Meeting Halfway

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Before Louis was transferred to the logistic camp, the Deputy Commander in Chief met with him. Their conversation had, of course, touched upon Rocky's presence. It was not technically an official briefing but an informal directive from one leader to another. The Deputy Commander in Chief wanted to make sure that she would not be entirely clueless about Rocky's...uniqueness. In this way, he knew and expected that Rocky was a little peculiar compared to his fellow soldiers. During their little chat, he found out that Rocky's talents were highly praised by the Commander in Chief and the Deputy Commander in Chief. He also heard about Rocky's remarkable performance at the Army Flag Contest and when he competed among the six military camps of the Crimson Dragon Group. This little tidbit came not just from the Deputy Commander in Chief but from every person who witnessed the events. Everyone unanimously agreed that Rocky did excellently in the contests.

He thought that all these knowledge would ready him for the force of nature that Rocky was. He was wrong.

He ended up slack jawed as he stared at Rocky. He observed how astute Rocky was. Rocky cleverly pointed out the flaws and mistakes on the route map. No wonder that the Deputy Commander in Chief wanted him specifically in charge of Rocky's care.

"Camp Director, were our army provisions and materials frequently intercepted when we were at war with the Timber Deity Empire last time?" Rocky asked with his arms across his chest, deep in thought.

Louis nodded. His mouth opened to say something but thought quickly of it and opted to say nothing at all.

"How many times have they been intercepted?" Rocky prompted. He had an idea of what the problem was but he needed more information before he could accurately conclude.

"The war lasted for three months. During that period, we have been intercepted about ten times," Louis replied after some thought.

"So, we were intercepted three to four times a month on average. This indicates that the frontier suffered a loss of at least three times less the intended amount of army provisions and materials. Am I right?" Rocky analyzed brusquely without sugar-coated words.

Louis winced but nodded. "Ten times is the normal situation," Louis explained as he tried to save face.

"It is impossible to avoid the army provisions and materials being looted by the enemy. This is basic strategy and they are not fools!" Rocky raised an eyebrow at the Deputy Camp Director's aggressive defense.

"If I am the Camp Director, I will not allow anyone to loot our army provisions and materials," Rocky claimed confidently. He could be presumptuous when he had an idea in mind.

When they heard what Rocky said, Louis and the others gaped at him in surprise. They were astonished by Rocky's blatant audacity.

"Since you are so confident, would you care to help me do that?" Louis said quickly as he saluted to Rocky.

"If you exempt me from the transportation missions for a month, I will consider your suggestion and draw a new route map for you." Rocky smiled as he stated his condition. Obviously, he had planned everything in advance.

ion with so many routes, even including retreat routes..."

"That's right. I've never seen such a complicated transportation route map before."

"I think one route is enough. Why take the trouble to do that?"

The Elite Commanders and Frontline Commanders expressed their views respectively after they saw the transportation route map.

"Commander Marin, what's your opinion?" Isis asked as she looked at Marin.

"I think the transportation route map is well planned. It will be able to deal with different kinds of emergencies. Compared with the previous one with only one route, this one is more secure. We had been looted dozens of times by the Timber Deity Empire during the last war. That made a significant impact on the Holy Dragon Empire. It can be said that the new transportation route map made by Captain Rocky has taken all these hidden dangers into consideration. But what do these dots at the center of the circles mean?" Marin commented when she also noticed the dots.

"Oh, that ones. Captain Rocky said they stood for the coordination spots," Louis explained immediately.

Everyone seemed perplexed about what he meant. Louis was not surprised since this was how he reacted as well.

"Coordination spots? What are they for?" Isis asked Louis. Her head cocked to the side inquisitively. This idea was something she had never seen before.

"Captain Rocky said this was a new transportation method for the logistic camp. We shall first transport army provisions and goods to the halfway coordination spots. Then the armies at the front will come to our aid and escort us as we transport them to the frontline," Louis replied. He made sure he repeated Rocky's words accurately since he knew this was not something the others would take lightly.

As he expected, his words created a racket in the tent. The Elite Commanders and the Frontline Commanders were of the opinion that Rocky had gone insane. They had been used to the fact that the logistic camp always transported army provisions and goods to the frontline, so it made no sense that they would only send them halfway.

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