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   Chapter 327 Speaking Like A Dictionary

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"Oh, I need to go to the logistic camp to check in at work and announce my arrival today!" Rocky said, remembering he had promised Isis to be the captain of the transportation squad and military vet. Although, truth be told, he didn't really want to be the captain of the transportation squad. He'd accepted the position as a means to remain in the northeastern military camp. The trade-off would pay dividends later.

After the northeast military camp moved to the frontier, the original area was remodeled into the logistic camp. A multitude of army provisions and weapons were moved from base camp to the logistic camp.

Today was his first day on the job as captain of the transportation squad.

He arranged for his beasts to stay at their positions, guarding his home, and left for the logistic camp.

When Rocky entered the logistic camp, there was an abundance of activity. Soldiers and spirit manipulators came and went, preoccupied with their business. Rocky knew none of them.

But he was not surprised by the number of people or the commotion. Since Isis re-established the logistic camp to shorten supply time during the war with Timber Deity Empire, this was to be expected. The move meant the frontiers could receive army provisions and materials rather quickly. Such things could be the difference between defeat and victory. The variety of uniforms and crests said the soldiers and spirit manipulators in the logistic camp were transferred from other military camps.

Although they were all new faces to Rocky, they still knew about him. The moment he entered the camp, he heard the whispers, and saw the glances his way, the gestures, and pointed fingers. His name preceded him from his performance in the last contest. And he'd also refused the Commander in Chief in public. That in itself drew attention with some regarding him as if trying to figure out exactly what he was about, what kind of a man he might be.

Throw in the news that Rocky had chosen to be a captain of the transportation squad instead of Frontline Commander and the confusion and assessment was more pronounced. Compared with Frontline Commander, the captain of the transport

ld tell from his eyes that Louis's reaction was not because he was afraid or bothered by Rocky's attitude.

'This new Camp Director isn't someone to take lightly, ' Rocky thought.

"Captain Rocky, we are checking the transportation route from our camp to the frontier. Would you like to join us and see?" Louis pointed to a map on the table.

Rocky stepped forward to look at the map. Then he frowned, shaking his head, and said, "This roadmap isn't feasible. I'll get a better one done."

"Captain Rocky, did you know that our Camp Director worked around the clock to complete this map after several sleepless nights?" A captain fixed Rocky with a cold stare. "How dare you say 'I'll get a better one done'! Who do you think you are?" Another captain said, "I think the roadmap is perfect. It's clear and every line is the shortest route." He eyed Rocky then offered the Camp Director a flattering smile.

Others echoed his opinion.

"Why do you think this map isn't good enough?" Louis regarded Rocky with a frown but his words were even.

"Here... And here... These places have lots of wild spirit-manipulated beasts... There are frequent landslides and falling rocks on this road. And..." Rocky traced his finger along the map and continued with his assessment.

Rocky smiled at the sight of Louis and the others in shock. They knew he wasn't making up any of it. And the way he recited everything was as if he were a dictionary.

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