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   Chapter 326 Alyssa Confronted Isis At The Battlefront

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"I've always been curious to know the reason why you insist on staying at the military camp. I wonder if you are still hiding something from me," Isis said suspiciously while trying to guess Rocky's intention of staying at the military camp.

"Am I?" Rocky said innocently.

"Forget it. You are never honest with me anyway," Isis said coldly. "Well, this place will be turned to a logistic camp, and since you want to stay here now, I name you the captain of the transportation squad of the logistic camp. You will be in charge of delivering army provisions. I heard from Marin that you used to be a captain. I believe you will be worthy of this position," she continued.

Rocky narrowed his eyes. He didn't want to be the captain, but it now seemed that he had no other choice, otherwise he would have no reason to stay at the military camp. If so, he couldn't carry out a lot of things.

"I also heard that you are good at curing spirit-manipulated beasts. So you can serve as a military vet too. I will send the injured spirit-manipulated beasts to you," Isis said slyly, determined to exploit Rocky to the maximum.

"Do you want me to work around the clock?" Rocky asked unhappily.

"You can say no!" Isis said with an obvious smile in her eyes. She had totally understood Rocky now, and knew that Rocky would agree to do whatever she asked.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, it seems that I have no choice but to accept that," Rocky said disdainfully with a snort.

"I am glad to hear that. So work hard!" Isis said with a tone of command, pretending not to notice Rocky's irony at all.

"If you don't have anything else, I should leave." Rocky stood up and nodded at Isis before turning around to leave.

The moment he stepped out of the camp, Rocky saw Marin standing outside the camp. It seemed that she had been waiting there for a while.

"Has the Deputy Commander in Chief told you everything?" Marin asked Rocky directly.

"It looks like I fell into the trap she had set for me," Rocky said with a bitter smile. He had expected Isis would say something like sending him to the front line, which he knew was a lie. Isis h

ed by Alyssa, also showed morale.

Several battles were fought between the two sides within a few days. The battling zones were seen everywhere, and both sides adopted a lot of tactics.

At this time, Rocky was cultivating himself in the abandoned house. His power now had reached the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage, very close to the Heavenly Stage. But now it was hard to reach the Heavenly Stage using the intermediate and primary Dark Heaven Eggs in a short time. What's worse, he had to wait for forty days to get one intermediate Dark Heaven Egg. So he needed to find some priceless treasures to assist the cultivation.

Four hours later, Rocky opened his eyes and stepped out. He found that his beasts had just returned back. He guessed they might have bullied other spirit-manipulated beasts because they looked very excited.

Uriah looked very excited after it reached the third grade. It looked cool with the deep red scales.

Rubygon looked almost as tall as Uriah. The red spiritual crystal had been used on Uriah. Otherwise he could have fed it to Rubygon, which would have definitely improved Rubygon a lot.

As for the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, it had completely become a member of Rocky's family. He had been tempting the Rainbow Glow Unicorn several times these days, hoping that it could cooperate with him in collecting data. But the Rainbow Glow Unicorn refused him. So he had to find out a solution.

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