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   Chapter 325 New Arrangement

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As Rocky walked closer to Marin's tent, a giant creature flew over his head and cast him under its enormous shadow. The silver scales over its body glinted gloriously under the sun. A closer look at it revealed the silhouette of the breeze that blew against the creature. It painted an intimidating but wondrous picture for all to see.

The soldiers who had been busy packing previously left their tasks and gawked unabashedly at the glorious beast. Work in the northeast military camp came to a halt as everyone's attention was taken by the creature.

Their eyes followed it in its magnificent flight until the giant creature slowly landed on the open field. It gave out a deafening roar as if it enjoyed everyone's attention.

"Is this..." Rocky scrutinized the creature. It looked awfully familiar to him but he struggled to remember where he had seen it. "Silver Wind!" Rocky exclaimed as he finally remembered from where he had encountered the majestic creature. This was Isis' spirit-manipulated beast named Silver Wind.

"This war dragon should be at the fourth grade of the four-star level," Rocky remarked. He had deduced this when he observed Silver Wind's body characters and the aura around it.

Isis had named it Silver Wind, but this war dragon's formal name was Celerity Wind Dragon. The top ones of this kind could reach the five-star level. Although Isis' Celerity Wind Dragon was only a four-star one, it was still a rare spirit-manipulated beast if we considered that superior races like dragons were few and far between.

Despite the fact that the Celerity Wind Dragon was officially categorized as a war dragon, the Beast Encyclopedia revealed that it was a descendant, and thus, a crossbreed of both spiritual dragon and war dragon. In this way, the Celerity Wind Dragon was substantially more powerful than ordinary war dragons with its inherent special power that came from its spiritual dragon lineage.

Rocky was snapped away from his thoughts as a slender figure jumped down from Silver Wind. She moved with grace and poise that captivated the soldiers' eyes. This charming figure was none other than Isis.

Rocky's heart thumped fast as he met Isis' beautiful eyes. A strong sense of foreboding spread in his chest. He looked away from Isis in discomfort, and convinced himself that her appearance meant trouble in the horizon.

As Isis walked towards Rocky, uproar broke out among the soldiers who had gathered around. They all stared, slack jawed as they wondered, 'What could the Deputy Commander in Chief want from Rocky?' At the same time, they were jealous of Rocky who had the chance to rub elbows with a beauty like Isis.


te times called for desperate measure.

Isis smirked at Rocky to show she was not at all bothered by his threats. "I knew this would happen sooner or later. I have already prepared myself not to mind at all. If you dare to tell others about that, I will tell my father what you have done to his precious daughter. My father will definitely kill you and then throw your corpse to some covert place to feed wild beasts. If you desire death so much, why don't you do it?" Isis challenged Rocky. She knew that he would throw that in her face, but she prepared well for this meeting. As the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group, Isis would not be easily shaken, especially not by a threat as empty as Rocky's threat. From Rocky's sour expression, she knew that she had succeeded in turning the tables under such a circumstance.

Rocky was taken aback by this declaration and marveled at Isis' boldness. Last time, she threatened him and accused him that he stole her underwear. And her threat had definitely intensified this time. If she executed this plan, Rocky knew well the grave consequence that awaited him.

"Well, I can accept the position you offer. But under two conditions. What do you say?" Rocky might have been cornered but he would not give in that easily.

"Spill it!" Isis prompted, annoyed at his stubbornness.

"First, I will not work at the headquarters. And second, I need you figure out a way to let me stay here. I heard that the northeast military camp will go to the front-line battlefield, but I don't want to leave. As long as you fulfill those two requests, I will accept the position you have arranged for me," Rocky stated. He made sure to meet her eyes determinedly. This showed her that he would not be moved from these conditions.

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