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   Chapter 324 The Relocation Of The Whole Military Camp

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Three months before the competition began, Rocky had practiced very hard to learn the Mysterious Visual Evaluation Skill. With great efforts, he grasped the skill and also improved his beast evaluation skill to the third level. The moment he mastered the skill, he promptly performed a thorough evaluation of his two war beasts, Uriah and Rubygon.

His evaluation of Rubygon turned out to be smooth. It didn't take Rocky a long time before he had all the data related to its qualification. In contrast, he encountered a very strange problem when he evaluated Uriah. The qualification data he found out from Uriah was two times stronger than that of an ordinary spirit-manipulated beast. Common sense dictated that those kinds of values were impossible to obtain.

At that time, Rocky doubted the accuracy of his data. He thought that maybe because he had just mastered the Mysterious Visual Evaluation Skill, he still couldn't apply it properly. He thought that he might have done something wrong during the evaluation and decided to repeat the evaluation. To his surprise, it came out the same way. Later, he became preoccupied with other matters, so he temporarily put this problem aside. He thought that when he had free time later, he would take the time to analyze and find out the hidden problem.

As a result, three months went by without any progress.

If it weren't for Uriah's upgrade at this time, Rocky would have forgotten about the weird data completely. Now since Uriah had upgraded, it would be the best time for Rocky to carry out another evaluation.

This was why now he had Uriah squat down on the operating table and began collecting samples. He took samples of its hair, scales, blood and so on. He planned to test these samples one by one slowly to make sure there wouldn't be any mistakes. In his previous evaluations when Uriah was still at the second grade of the three-star level, Rocky had already collected similar samples. He also did the same tests and recorded and saved all the data. Therefore, if the two groups of test data were compared, he would get a lot of valuable information with guaranteed reliability. This would help him infer Uriah's specific genetic sequences. Figuring out its genetic sequences would be extremely important to study Uriah thoroughly.

He thought back to the modern world of his last life, when the people did not have specialized instruments to detect genetic data. They relied on data detected from every part of human bodies to collect various information. By such a way, they inferred the basic sequences of human's genomes. It was precisely because of these basic genetic sequences that the later very powerful genetic technology could be established. Rocky's current work was also based on the same principles.

During the last three months, Rocky, based on the information about the data of ordinary spirit-manipulated beasts he had gathered, inferred the different genetic sequences of a dozen kinds of spirit-manipulated beast species, including Rubygon. In his current world, there were hundreds of spirit-manipulated beast species. The doze

camp is going to be relocated." Rocky gaped at the soldier's response.

"Relocated?" Rocky was stunned. He couldn't help but wonder why the whole camp needed to be relocated so abruptly when nothing special had happened. 'If the military camp is relocated, then I will have to follow as well. What should I do? What about my lab?' Rocky's mind raced with questions.

"Where are we going to move?" Rocky asked the soldier who looked like he was ready to bolt. Unfortunately for him, this was a critical concern and Rocky needed answers desperately.

"We will be moving to the front line. Our northeast military camp has now been appointed as the major force by the Commander in Chief, and our camp will temporarily become the main camp. I can't believe I will be able to see our Deputy Commander in Chief every day at the main camp!" Rocky narrowed his eyes at the solider, who seemed to be drooling. The latter even had a strange manic glint in his eyes, his excitement palpable. When Rocky seemed to be satisfied, he continued to move forward enthusiastically.

Rocky's heart lurched and he furrowed his brows in thought. Things were going to get really tricky for him.

After a slight hesitation, Rocky immediately went to Commander Marin's camp. He knew it was impossible to decide the relocation of a military camp so abruptly, and yet Marin had not said anything to him before he left the headquarters. The only possibility was that the relocation had been decided a long time ago. It meant that Marin had hidden that from him on purpose.

Once the northeast military camp moved to the front line, he had to move as well. But at the moment, it was impossible for him to move so abruptly. One reason was that he had no way to move those Dark Heaven Insects and the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. Another concern for him was that it would be very tricky and troublesome for him to build another lab. In short, if the northeast military camp was really going to be relocated, it would be equivalent to killing him! He just couldn't leave his treasures and his lab behind.

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