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   Chapter 323 A Haughty Genius

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Lance reached his study after a short while. He was greeted by his daughter as soon as he entered. Isis sat on his chair and played with an ink brush.

"If I am not mistaken, I think Rocky refused your offer once more," Isis said with a faint smile, seeing the vivid anger on Lance's face.

"That little bastard is so arrogant that he had the audacity to refuse me in public! He is as cocky as he is talented! I really wanted to kill him right there in public. That contemptuous genius," Lance roared angrily. It was only Marin's words that stayed his anger when Rocky refused him once more. He wanted so much to punish Rocky out of fury.

"I did tell you before father. You can't bribe him through a well-paid job as an officer," Isis said calmly, as if she already knew what would happen.

"Then why did he work so hard in the contest? If he did not reveal his true power, then I probably wouldn't be so depressed and angry." Lance hadn't figured out why Rocky fought with such intensity during the competition.

"Simple, he wanted to raise your expectations of him first. So that you will become more irritated of him when he refuses you. He wants you to be so irritated that you'd give up on trying to recruit him. And his plan worked. It was a genius plan, really," Isis explained plainly as she transfixed her charming eyes on her father.

"You mean to say that getting me this mad was all part of his plan?" Lance's eyes lit up as if he finally understood what Isis explained. Rocky had planned to refuse from the start and yet he fought hard in order to increase his chances of throwing Lance off and completely discouraging him in trying to recruit Rocky. Lance nodded slightly as he saw the plan.

"I actually told him that you held the contest for him on purpose after his first round," Isis admitted.

"Why did you do that?" Lance was caught by surprise. He could not believe that his daughter would sell him out to Rocky.

"Because you wanted to see his true power and potential. I told him that in order to force him into action. If he found out that you organized the competition for him, he would defy you further and fight at his best to make you angrier once the competition has been concluded," Isis explained cleverly.

"Now I understand. Telling him the truth made him want to go against me even further. He then wanted to win the competition in order to make me angrier at his refusal." Lance was a clever man. It did not take long before he understood the trick that his daughter played on Rocky.

idea. I am sure that I can convince him." Her lips curved upwards into a creepy smile.

A true problem awaited Rocky and he didn't even realize it.

Rocky said goodbye to Sue before leaving. He took Uriah and Rubygon and walked out of the headquarters unnoticed. He then took his carriage and his luggage from the Super Beast Farm and then drove the carriage back to his place.

When Rocky arrived, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn jumped out in front of Rocky before he even got off the carriage. It whimpered sadly at Rocky as he got down from the carriage. It was because it hadn't had the magical saliva for days. It yearned to have a drop of that delicious liquid so badly.

"Holy molly! You really like the magical saliva, do you? How about this, buddy? You let me be your master, and I will feed you the magical saliva every day!" Rocky said to tempt the Rainbow Glow Unicorn to be his spiritual beast. But he knew that it was too soon for it to agree. It was never easy to tame spiritual beasts. Even though the Rainbow Glow Unicorn craved for the magical saliva, it still couldn't accept to trade that with allowing Rocky to be its master. Spiritual beasts were naturally proud, so they couldn't be tamed easily.

Rocky expected the Rainbow Glow Unicorn to refuse. It changed its stance immediately. It raised its head up in the air that signified that it refused Rocky's offer. A short moment later, it left without a warning and disappeared.

Rocky did not mind that the unicorn refused his offer and left. He knew well enough that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn would return on its own.

After he unpacked everything, Rocky went to his lab and started his study on Uriah's upgrade.

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