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   Chapter 322 Being Unappreciative

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"I'm glad you understand. The Commander in Chief told me that you would be transferred to the Supreme Headquarters when you get promoted to a Frontline Commander. Behave yourself. Don't act like a punk. Your actions will reflect on the reputation of the northeast military camp," Marin said seriously.

"Do I act like a punk? A handsome punk, though, right?!" Rocky said jokingly.

Sue, who stood close by, couldn't help but chuckle so she tightly covered her mouth with her hands.

Marin rolled her eyes at Rocky and hummed as if she was so bored. Then she turned away.

"Sue, please take care of Uriah," Rocky said as he went after Marin.

Rocky soon arrived at the training field of the headquarters with Marin. Thousands of people lined up in the seats as they eagerly awaited the start of the ceremony.

A flag with "Crimson" and a glorious dragon embroidered in the middle was erected on stage. Lance sat in the middle of the stage. The Commanders and the officers of the Crimson Dragon Group stood on both sides of Lance.

The six Deputy Commanders, including Dunn, who were qualified for the second round were also present.

Strangely, Isis was nowhere to be found.

Rocky and Marin's arrival created a ripple effect on the people who were present. Heads turned towards their direction and everyone's eyes watched their every move. Whispered conversations went on as they walked.

Rocky brilliantly turned the battle from a disadvantaged position to finally defeat Dunn whose power was at least a grade higher than his during the last round of the competition yesterday. People still talked about his victory a day after and likely even in the days to come. They admired him for his unflinching courage and unswerving determination. But only Rocky and Dunn knew the entire truth. It appeared that Dunn hadn't told anyone that Rocky actually reached the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage. If he told anyone, it would create a stir in the headquarters.

Some of the Frontline Commanders were hostile towards Rocky; most notably Flank. He was badly beaten in the Army Flag Contest by Rocky and was disgraced ever since. Beyond everyone's expectations, at the competition between the different military camps, Rocky showed his remarkable skill on all aspects and

me to convince him. I am sure that I can change his mind," Marin said as she bowed to Lance. She knew that if Rocky continued to refuse the promotion, he would be punished for defying orders, or even exiled.

Marin went out of her way to ease the tension that was created by Rocky's refusal and this pacified Lance somewhat. He did not want to embarrass his niece in any way.

"I'll give him three days! After three days, he must go to his new post!" Lance replied back to Marin and then glanced at Rocky with a disappointed look. He stood up immediately and left the area followed by the Commanders and officers.

The people present stared at Rocky as they shook their heads. Some thought that Rocky was a man who did not know how to properly respond to favors that must be appreciated instead of refused.

The crowd then left the area as soon as Lance had gone.

"You really make my blood boil!" Marin exclaimed, glaring at Rocky.

"Didn't you want to know what I thought about the promotion? Well, now you do!" Rocky replied casually. He sounded as if offending the Commander in Chief was not a big deal at all for him.

"So you have planned all of this since the beginning?" Marin asked, stunned at Rocky's expression of apathy.

"I have no intention to be promoted to Frontline Commander. If I will be promoted to Commander in Chief then I will probably consider it. If there is nothing else, I need to go. I still need to do something," Rocky said and walked away leaving Marin to ponder his words.

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