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   Chapter 320 The Ninth Grade Of The Earthly Stage

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"Oh, the Flaming Shell..." Lance muttered suddenly, his face changing expression.

"Father, what's the matter? What are you talking about?" Isis quickly came to her father's side, concerned as she noticed the emotions flashing across his face. She wondered what he was thinking of and why that caused such changes.

"From what we're seeing here, the new morphology that Rocky's spirit-manipulated beast has changed into bears a striking resemblance to the Flaming-shell Tiger!" Lance replied, unable to conceal his surprise at the spectacle.

"Wait, do you mean the Flaming-shell Tiger, the one at the seventh grade on the ranking list of spiritual beasts?" Isis asked in surprise.

"Although they both differ in appearance from one another, I'm pretty sure that the new morphology that Rocky's spirit-manipulated beast has transformed into is the Flaming-shell Tiger. I've only seen it once before, impressive," Lance remarked, his tone flat and noncommittal. Yet he was still unable to prevent the expression of surprise on his face.

"Oh, I see. Could it be possible that Rocky's spirit-manipulated beast is a descendant of the spiritual beast and the war beast?" Isis surmised out loud. And there was a distinct possibility of it: under normal circumstances, the most of the powerful war beasts were born from the spiritual beasts and the war beasts. And such an offspring would almost certainly have inherited some abilities and characteristics from its spiritual beast parent. Because of that, they could be much more powerful compared to other beasts.

"Well, probably," Lance nodded contemplatively, his expression still noncommittal.

"However, even if Uriah, Rocky's the spirit-manipulated beast, has upgraded itself, it might still be unable to help Rocky to win the competition. It's been hurt badly as far as I can see. Once Dunn orders his spirit-manipulated beast to attack Uriah again, and he himself takes the opportunity to attack Rocky, then there will be little chance of winning for our favored fighter. It's certainly an unfortunate situation," Lance murmured as he looked at Rocky through the Illusory Mirror. From the look on his face, he was clearly concerned.

"Commander in Chief, competition time is running out." The officer who was in charge of timing the competition reported to Lance. He had paid strict attention to the limited time frame of the contest all this time.

Seeing that Uriah had now transformed into another powerful morphology, Rocky took out the bottle of magical saliva from his silken bag in a hurry. He swallowed two drops of the magical saliva as quickly as he could. Before Dunn could notice and be startled by the sudden change from Uriah, Rocky took that moment to process the spiritual power within his body and put the magical saliva to use immediately.

"Go! Razor-claw Wolf Bear!" Dunn commanded as he finally noticed Uriah's upgrade. At the sight of its highly strengthened morphology, he could not help but feel a twinge of doubt and hesitation. But he kept it all to himself, remaining confident and steeled outwardly, as all his focus went to defea

of the Earthly Stage's ninth grade. Rocky had waited for precisely this moment to time his release and fight head-on against Dunn.

At the next instant, with powerful bolts of energy crackling from either side, the combatants hit impact and dust imploded around them. The reserve energy of strong spiritual power created a dustbowl. And the two of them were enveloped by bright and dazzling light.


With another huge crash that sent sparks flying, one of them was sent sprawling down on one knee. And in the end, he collapsed heavily onto the ground with anguish.

The other figure emerged out from the bright light as it faded away. It was a broken body of an injured fighter. And the expression on his face was one of determination and confidence in spite of his condition.

Lance and the others who were standing on the high platform watched in anticipation on who would emerge the victor. A ripple of shock and surprise flooded over the platform when they recognized the man stepping out.

It was Rocky who had won.

"I really can't believe it! He won the competition!" Isis exclaimed in pure shock.

The fighting had been so fast, so complex, and so intense that not all of them were able to see that Rocky beat Dunn by using the power of the Earthly Stage's ninth grade. Due to the confusion, they found it hard to accept the fact that Rocky suddenly turned the tide and won the final victory. All they had seen was that Rocky was at the disadvantage and almost lost the game just a few seconds ago.

And with that, the third round of the competition finally came to an end in a thrilling fashion.

It didn't take long before the news of Rocky's final victory spread throughout the headquarters. The reality rocked the whole Crimson Dragon Group. Once again, he had somehow become the day's hot topic.

Both Rocky and Dunn had been sent to a quiet place so they would be able to rest and recover from the staggering injuries accrued in combat. As for the one who got the final promotion, that piece of news had been also postponed until the next day.

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