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   Chapter 319 Uriah’s Perfect Evolution

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"Ha-ha-ha! You are defeated now, young man! I am the winner!" Dunn laughed loudly and proudly. He looked at Rocky's beaten state and felt really proud of himself. Beating Rocky felt like a huge achievement to Dunn; a seemingly insurmountable mountain that he was able to climb despite the odds. 'Rocky is seriously injured after getting hit by my spiritual power. He will not have the strength left to even stand back up, ' Dunn thought.

To Dunn's surprise, Rocky started to move and got himself up to a semi-standing position with the help of his hands. Rocky was standing shakily as if the slightest wind could knock him back down. The mere action of standing up seemed to have drained Rocky of all of his remaining strength. But he did it. Beyond Dunn's expectations, Rocky was able to stand up again.

"That is impossible! How are you still standing even after my deadly attack!? I am sure that I have injured you severely and you have almost no spiritual power left!" Dunn said as he tried to get over his initial shock. Dunn stood mute and shocked as he tried hard to rationalize what had happened. He was sure that Rocky should now be so close to death that the slightest of movements would be impossible for him. He attacked Rocky with full force mere moments ago. Any other spirit manipulator would have died or would be in a coma from that last attack. To stand up once more after that attack was something that was beyond impossible.

But Rocky was able to do the impossible many times before. After he got hit by the maximum force of Dunn's attack, Rocky was able to stand up once more beyond the expectations of everyone who watched the battle unfold before them. A hundred questions crossed Dunn's mind regarding Rocky. Questions that were brought by Rocky's ability to survive an attack that could have easily killed any other spirit manipulator.

"Never be too sure of anything. A situation can change at any time. You are not the winner. No, not yet. The true battle is just about to begin!" Rocky said coldly with a smile of contempt. He wiped the blood from the edge of his lips and gave Dunn a challenging stare that made Dunn feel like Rocky was belittling him.

"Don't worry. My next attack will kill you and end this battle completely!" Dunn was brought into a state of anger by Rocky's arrogant statement. His face was flushed red with anger and frustration. He wanted to just reach for Rocky's neck and strangle the life out of him. He felt so angry at Rocky right now that it was all that he could do to hold it all back.

Rocky stood unsteadily as he stared at Dunn. It looked as if he would lose his balance at any time and fall over. Rocky looked as if he exerted all of his strength just to stay standing. Everyone who watched the confrontation was sure that Rocky would be completely defeated or even killed by Dunn's next attack.

The people who watched the developments of the battle through the Illusory Mirror, were at the very edge of their seats. They all admired Rocky's tenacity. Even though he displayed great stamina throughout the final round, everyone was sure that Dun

l to the third grade of the three-star level. And this surprised everyone.

They called this kind of evolution as mutation.

Mutations of spirit-manipulated beasts were always related to their natural body. People thought that Uriah's mutation occurred normally when it reached a higher star level. When spirit-manipulated beasts reached a higher star level, they could transform their body into a new shape. They might get one more head, or two more limbs, or another tail and so on. Some spirit-manipulated beasts could get wings, and in very rare circumstances, some changed their entire body into a completely new form. There were some spirit-manipulated beasts that transformed their inner body; they could get an extra lung or an extra heart and so on.

However, it was not possible for the general evolution of a spirit-manipulated beast to cause a mutation. But Uriah was able to achieve a mutation. Uriah turned the impossible into the possible. It transformed its entire body into a higher grade as it evolved into a higher star level.

Rocky was sure that Uriah had the ability to bear and refine the spiritual power of the red spiritual crystal. He knew that Uriah's body constitution was different from other spirit-manipulated beasts. So Uriah ate the whole red spiritual crystal as instructed by Rocky.

It was a risk to have Uriah do so. But now Uriah was almost of the third grade of three-star level. If Uriah refined the red spiritual crystal, it would grant Uriah enough spiritual energy to reach the third grade of three-star level. And Uriah's strength would match that of the Razor-claw Wolf Bear. On the downside, another possibility was that Uriah's fighting capacity could be destroyed completely by the spiritual power of the red spiritual crystal.

What Rocky did was akin to gambling. The only difference was that Rocky had faith that Uriah would be able to achieve the impossible.

Because of this, Uriah was able to achieve evolution at that crucial moment, and the evolution allowed it to transform its body into a completely new form.

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