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   Chapter 318 Swallow And Digest

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Dunn's strength perplexed Rocky. He couldn't make sense of how Dunn's spiritual power be so powerful, considering that he hadn't used any spiritual martial arts so far.

It was a natural reaction for Rocky to be confused. It was the first time they had met and he didn't have any experience in fighting him. It would be a correct assumption to think he knew nothing about Dunn's strength. To those who knew him, Dunn's special spiritual power was remarkable. He was really well known among the members of the Crimson Dragon Group. Some talented Frontline Commanders had learned their lessons about it from personal experience.

That did not mean he had no mystery in him. Even if he was well-known, no one knew how he'd learned to master this special spiritual power. The only information would be the rumor that Dunn had come from a mystical family and was trained under the family since he was a child.

Rocky soon pulled away from Dunn. He had mastered two spiritual martial arts, the Nebula Cloud Transformation and Nebula Arrow Force, which enabled him to keep up in his fight against Dunn.

They traded dozens of blows and had reached an impasse.

On the other hand, the battle between Uriah and the Razor-claw Wolf Bear was one-sided. Uriah was completely suppressed by the Razor-claw Wolf Bear, whose strength had reached the third grade of the three-star level. Uriah couldn't freely use its power of Fire nature to attack since that consumed too much spiritual power. It could prove to be a disadvantage later on if it was not able to defeat the Bear quickly.

The Razor-claw Wolf Bear hit Uriah again and sent it flying back several feet. Uriah gave a long wail and slumped onto the ground near Rocky with more cuts over its weakened body.

Rocky saw this and narrowed his eyes. He knew he didn't have much time left. The clock was ticking and if he wanted to win this fight, he had to take a gamble. And then it hit him. He reached into the silk bag he carried with him and took out the red spiritual crystal Lance had given him as a reward just this morning.

"Eat it, Uriah!" Rocky threw it to Uriah swiftly before the Razor-claw Wolf Bear could interfere.

Uriah caught the red spiritual crystal in its mouth and swallowed without hesitation.

"Are you out of your mind? I can't believe you did that. Have you got any ide

Just an instant before the Razor-claw Wolf Bear's claws would've touched Uriah, an arrow of blazing light cut through the air and plunged onto the ground right before the Razor-claw Wolf Bear.


The explosion of light forced the Razor-claw Wolf Bear to back away from Uriah. A towering figure emerged in front of Uriah. It was Rocky!

"You will have to get past me first." Rocky looked cold and devilish with his entire body shrouded in spiritual power. His face was dark and shadows danced around him.

Dunn's face darkened. With a subtle gesture from him, he and the Razor-claw Wolf Bear both rushed towards Rocky. The Bear reached Rocky first and pounced on him, its sharp claws struck him in a blur.

Rocky raised his hands and summoned spiritual power on his palms. It formed a huge shining shield he used to defend against the attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A dazzling light exploded in front of the Razor-claw Wolf Bear.

As Rocky defended against the Razor-claw Wolf Bear's attack, another figure closed in on him menacingly like the gust of a strong wind. A massive wave of spiritual power engulfed Rocky.

Rocky reacted fast but was still sent flying back by the impact. As Rocky tried to recover, the figure reappeared beside him. His hands clasped together and shimmered as they smashed Rocky's chest.

Spiritual light exploded where the strike had landed. Blood poured from Rocky's mouth, his chest a ruin as if it had been stabbed and twisted multiple times by a knife. His body slumped on the ground, sending up a cloud of dust.

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