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   Chapter 317 Initial Contact

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"OK buddies, let's do this! If we win, I will buy all of you drink and food tonight," Rocky said as he tried to improve morale.

Thirty highly-motivated spirit manipulators launched a fierce attack on Dunn's group under the command of Rocky.

Without any signs of weaknesses, Dunn deployed impressive defense tactics against the attack.

Then came the intense battles between the offensive and defensive sides.

"The first squad covers the second one. The second squad lures the enemy deep from the front. The third squad breaks through the sides and cracks them down..." Rocky directed his team calmly. With irresistible force, Rocky's team finally broke through Dunn's defensive line.

Dunn decided that the fighting was unfavorable, so he called for a retreat to buy his troops some time.

It was not long before Dunn realized that his field was a dead end road. His initial purpose of selecting the location was to limit Rocky's options. To his surprise, he was the one trapped instead of Rocky.

After that encounter, only a few spirit manipulators were left around Dunn. On the other hand, there were more than ten people left with Rocky.

"Damn it!" Dunn couldn't believe that he ended up so miserably compared to Rocky.

"Your weakness is arrogance. It is true that you have a good position and an airtight defense. But you are too impatient. The only thing that you care about is winning! You started with a bigger chance to win than me. If you only defended until the last possible moment it would be me who would be on the losing end and not you." Rocky stared at Dunn and revealed his power. It was completely different than when he was intoxicated.

"So you want me to give up and admit total defeat. That will never happen! You only have one hour now. I don't think you could beat me and take my flag," Dunn said with confidence.

"We wouldn't know unless we

h in the morning made it slower than its normal speed.

With Uriah's current status, it had no advantages over the Bear.

"Now let's see who is better!" Dunn's left foot dug deep into the ground as he dashed toward Rocky like a bullet that had found its target. In a second, he was right in front of Rocky. He attacked Rocky by throwing a fist that was encased with spiritual power at Rocky's face.

Rocky focused and stepped back before Dunn's attack had reached him. The attack passed his face but missed. Rocky suddenly felt a stinging pain on the right side of his face. Rocky touched the part of his face that was painful and was surprised to see blood on his hand.

Rocky suspected something and immediately turned to Dunn's fist. Dunn's spiritual power covered the fist with a dense layer that looked like tiny blades.

Before Rocky could fully recover, another attack with Dunn's fist came at him. The second attack now went for his chest. Dunn's attack approached Rocky with amazing speed. A ripping sound filled Rocky's ears as his clothes were slashed apart. His skin broke and his chest bled.

Rocky was immediately forced to go on the defensive and kept away from Dunn. Rocky was now aware of their difference in spiritual power level.

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