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   Chapter 315 Get Drunk Before The Final Competition

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 10770

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"I apologize for keeping you hanging on for a long time!" Rocky said and arched his hands to the crowd after treading on the audience platform. His eyes looked blurry as if he was a little unsteady. The congregation was taken aback, and they all thought automatically, 'What? He is late for the ultimate competition just because he had indulged in some liquor?'

Still, what made them even more shocked was Uriah. They saw that it had recovered from its injury suffered in the morning. What a powerful self-healing ability it had!

Marin got up instantaneously and dashed to Rocky. She furrowed her brows and mumbled to him furiously, "Did you indulge alcohol?"

"Yes, just a little," Rocky replied tipsily as his face was full of smirk. He beamed like the cat that got the cream.

"What the hell are you doing? Aren't you apprehensive that you have a competition in the afternoon? It's not straightforward for you to get into the third round of the competition. How can you consume alcohol at such a crucial juncture? It's hard to believe you..." Marin whispered and gnashed her teeth. She seemed to be so vehement.

"Are you worried like a cat on hot bricks that I will lose the competition?" Rocky asked and looked at Marin with his eyes blurred. Marin's pulse stopped. The passionate moments when Rocky's lips pressed on hers that day came back to her mind. Suddenly, she found it hard to sustain her poise, and her face flushed.

"If you fail, I will teach you an excellent lesson!" Marin groaned and swiftly walked back to her seat.

"Marin, are you okay?" Isis asked with great concern for her cousin. She instantly detected something was awry when she paid attention to her blushing face.

"Oh, I'm fine. Don't get worked up!" Marin repudiated as she shook her head fast as light. Yet, Isis felt that her cousin was not feeling quite well. It was as if she had done something guilty.

He who knows speaks last. Isis, became more doubtful and thought involuntarily, 'You are concealing something from me. I have never come across such a conduct from you. You look like you are engrossed in something. Perhaps something has transpired between you and Rocky.' Although it seemed not obvious, her frown got even more profound. She then drove her attention to Rocky, who looked under the influence of liquor.

"Hey, brat, though you use liquor as your crutch to aid your prowess, you are still not my match!" Dunn immediately had the audacity to declare, although he was also perplexed by Rocky's behavior. He was sure of himself because he thought that since Rocky got drunk like that, he was only seeking for a crushing overthrow in the coming competition. If Rocky was intoxicated to play an array of drunken fists, he might do it relatively well. However, if he was about to lead a battalion under such a condition, it would merely make his army more perplexed. And without doubt, he would lose to Dunn within a few moments.

At that moment, Rocky tilted his head and had direct eye contact with Dunn with a drunken grin. As he turned back, his initially blurry eyes suddenly reflected a touch of bright light. Someone who recognized this abrupt transition would notice that this wasn't a man under the

break Dunn's defense and win the flag.

Even Lance had the above opinion clinging in mind. It was no wonder that those commanders and officers were less optimistic about Rocky.

The third round of the competition was officially inaugurated, after Rocky and Dunn led their respective spirit manipulator teams into the competition field.

Thirty minutes or so later, the first report of the competition was delivered to Lance. Yet, the content of the report made everyone on the platform stunned.

"What did you say? Rocky and his team members were having a barbecue party in front of the defensive line? He is really horsing around!" Isis said with a bemused stare. The situation was both ridiculous and agitating.

Marin was also brewing a little anger like tea in a pot. The other commanders and the officers were shaking their heads and sighing. It was a hard pill to swallow to imagine that such a severe and significant competition was merely regarded as a funny game by Rocky.

Lance was mute and had no emotions. He felt that Rocky went overboard. His sunken eyes could tell it all.

Under the cool shadow of several big trees, Rocky and the thirty spirit manipulators gathered around several campfires. They were conversing, chuckling, and having a big barbecue party. The fire was roasting the meat of the wild animals they had captured from the nearby forest.

"This place is really a good place for a barbecue party!" Rocky howled as he was biting the meat of a big thigh of an animal. His laughter exploded, not a chuckle, or a smirk, but blissful, whole-hearted laugh.

Encouraged by their leader, the other spirit manipulators were also biting the roasted meat with grins on their faces. They had thought that the battle would be intense. On the contrary, they found out it was totally out of their expectation! On the one hand, they didn't have to fight against the other team; they could also enjoy themselves at the barbecue party. They had no slightest clue that their attitudes had spawned so much turmoil. It was unlike a battalion to dare pull such a stunt in a significant confrontation. It was just unbearable.

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