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   Chapter 314 The Start

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The third round was to be held at the area where the Army Flag Contest was held. And each side led a team with matching strengths of thirty spirit manipulators each.

The two teams were divided into an attacker and a defender. The rules of the final round were simple. If the attackers managed to capture the flag from the defenders, their commander would be considered victorious. Similarly, if the defenders were able to defend their flag from the attackers within a given time then the commander of the defenders would be declared the winner.

Spirit manipulators were limited in number so the side who had the least number of casualties would receive advantage. The competition allowed the leader to join. Thus, it could be a battle between the teams or a duel between their commanders.

One of the leaders was Dunn from the east-southeast military camp. His leadership skills were comparable to that of a Frontline Commander and he had established brilliant achievements in war. From that aspect, he was not too far from a Frontline Commander of the Crimson Dragon Group. And Dunn was seasoned in actual combat and very decisive. He was known as one of the deadliest in the battlefield.

Compared to Dunn, Rocky was inferior from a military experience perspective. Even though he was praised by Lance and showed excellent skill in the tactical deployment of troops during the Army Flag Contest, he had never led any actual army himself. What made matters worse was the fact that he had only 30 people in his team. This required more precise tactics and more war experience in order to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of war and to minimize the losses for the team.

Rocky was unlikely to win and many could tell this easily by the mere comparison of battle experiences between the two combatants.

People thought that the wise move for Rocky was to pick the defender side. Once he picked the defender side, he only needed to choose a highly defensible location. Once he picked the ideal defensible position, he could also

that the Commander in Chief can invite him over."

"And as he just said, Rocky is the apprentice of Sheridan which means he is an excellent beast tamer too, right?"

"No wonder he could manipulate two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time."

Everyone present was astonished, amazed that Rocky surprised them yet again after the ones he showed before. Who had ever thought that Rocky was the apprentice of the most powerful beast tamer in the Holy Dragon Empire!

"I didn't expect that. Interesting! Haha!" Dunn who never took others seriously was yet surprised by Rocky. Then he laughed out.

Now that Lance had mentioned it. There were stories that Dunn and Sheridan knew each other well. They shared their love for alcoholic drinks. It was said that they would not stop drinking until they were completely drunk.

"He's coming!" A figure walked towards the competition area with a spirit-manipulated beast.

They all turned to look at the approaching figure. They were surprised that the figure was barely able to keep his balance as he swayed on both sides as he walked.

The figure was Rocky. A drunk Rocky to be exact.

Everyone who watched Rocky walk towards the competition area was confused. The last round of the competition was about to start and Rocky decided to arrive in that state. What was he thinking if he was thinking at all?

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