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   Chapter 313 The Beast Possession

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"Ha-ha, Lad, you proved yourself enough. From now on, the beast farm of the northeast military camp is under your care. I'm very impressed of how fast you learn things. With your skills, you're more than capable to manage beast farm of a small military camp. Marin told me that you even saved many spirit-manipulated beasts from the battlefield. You started to get the hang of it. I have a reason to believe that you will find you're true calling sooner or later. You did a great job so far!" Sheridan said with a satisfied expression. He was apparently pleased about the outcome of his arrangements.

"Bullshit," Rocky grumbled with eyes darted toward Sheridan. A rush of helplessness ran through him.

"Actually, I did it to test you. Otherwise, how could I teach all the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill to you?" Sheridan explained.

"Tell me, what on earth is the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill?" Rocky couldn't help but to ask in curiosity.

This caught Sheridan's interest. He sneered and said, "The Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill is somewhat similar to the Spirit Possession, but is more advanced and ingenious. To learn the basics of the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill, one should master the Spirit Possession first then reach the Beast Possession."

"What are the differences between the Spirit Possession and the Beast Possession?" Rocky questioned in detail. He knew that something set the two apart but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"The Beast Possession is superior to the Spirit Possession. You use the latter to fuse the power of the spirit-manipulated beasts. While the Beast Possession can have power without the need to fuse with the spirit-manipulated beast or take any other measures. With the spiritual power, you and the spirit-manipulated beast can communicate without talking. Which makes you and the latter as one." Sheridan explained to Rocky in one breath.

"It sounds very easy. Do you think you and your spirit-manipulated beast are able to do that now? However, one can only understand the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill with practice. Besides, the most striking part of the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill was the fact that you can use the spirit-manipulated beast directly without making a fuss. Just like this..." Using his spiritual power, Sheridan stretched his arms and gav

idan said with deep significance.

"Since you volunteered to teach me, I will learn it as you wish," Rocky said in a reluctant expression. He smiled inwardly in an attempt to mask his excitement. He himself was extremely curious about this skill. He even projected the possibility of failing. He would lose nothing if this would fail. The Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill required time and dedication to achieve better results.

"Ha-ha, you are really a bastard." Sheridan taunted. "I had a fine wine in my room. How about us teaching over it?"

"But I still have a competition this afternoon!" Rocky said, giving a hard look.

"Lad, you can go to the competition drunk and trust me when I said that no one could still match your skill. No one will dare. Ah, I almost forgot! You're a heavy drinker!" Sheridan burst out laughing.

"Are you sure?" Rocky asked while lifting his eyebrows.

Then, they entered Sheridan's room with their arms around each other.

It's already afternoon, the third round of competition was about to start.

The third round assessed the leadership just like the Army Flag Contest. However, the competitors this round had to fight alone. Everyone walked on eggshells, anxious because one false move might lose the battle.

At the Army Flag Contest, the competitors led ordinary soldiers. While this time the competitors on both sides led spirit manipulators. Undoubtedly, the battles of the third round would be more intense and brilliant! Consequently, many people had been attracted and gathered around the training field.

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