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   Chapter 312 Shocking Brilliance

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Lance asked the same question from Sheridan as Isis did and Sheridan replied with the same answer. They then decided to go to the small group that gathered just beyond the martial pitch. Lance was curious to know how Rocky achieved the technique.

"So are you saying that he developed this technique himself? How is that possible? Even the best beast tamer like you was not able to achieve something like this! How did he do that?" Isis still found it hard to accept the possibility that Rocky was even better than his teacher. But deep inside her she also couldn't admit to herself that she admired Rocky so much.

"I told you before, Isis, that this guy is a genius. He can turn the impossible into the possible. Have you forgotten that he was even able to heal Verdanim? Even I doubted that I can do something like that and yet he actually did it!" Sheridan said to Isis. He then turned to Rocky and asked, "I am also curious. How did you manage to do that? Only the master of a spirit-manipulated beast can control it, but a spirit manipulator can only be the master of one spirit-manipulated beast. It is impossible that a spirit manipulator can be the master of two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time."

Everyone turned to Rocky after the words left Sheridan's lips. They all waited for the answer that would relieve them of the heavy burden of curiosity that they carried with them. How Rocky was able to manage two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time.

"All I can say at this point is that it is a secret, and that there is nothing impossible in this world." Rocky's reply was so calm and confident that those who heard his reply were stunned and taken aback.

In their minds, they were confronted by the realization that Rocky had an ability that was beyond what they originally thought possible.

"Well, all I can say is that this is the best time to teach the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill," Sheridan suddenly said while looking at Rocky with determination. He no longer cared what secret method he used to control two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time. What mattered to him now was Rocky's shocking brilliance. Now that he knew just how talented Rocky was, he believed that Rocky could learn and master the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill, the most advanced Beast Taming Skill.

"Sheridan, are you sure about that?" Lance was s

. But I had no choice at that time. I didn't know that Rubygon would run off to protect Uriah." Rocky answered with a bitter smile. He knew that he truly was in big trouble now that this secret of his was out in the open.

"Then why didn't you tell me about it before? Am I not your teacher?" Sheridan said hardly concealing the pride that he had in his eyes. He expected that Rocky would not disappoint him and now Rocky not only mastered the skills that he taught him, but he was able to develop his own technique.

"Can we forget about that now? Let's talk about the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill you mentioned. What is it exactly?" Rocky asked with keen interest.

"Just follow me," Sheridan replied and motioned Rocky to follow as he continued walking.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived at the headquarters' beast farm. Rocky's jaw dropped wide open as he saw just how grand the headquarters' beast farm was. It was even comparable to the Super Beast Farm of the Imperial City.

Beast stables lined around the central ground. There were at least three hundred beast stables in there. The area was filled with the noisy roars coming from several different beasts.

"Not bad, huh? And I am the one in charge of this beast farm, ha-ha!" Sheridan said laughing as he showed off the beast farm with pride.

"And since you've mentioned it, let's talk about that. How could you run back to the headquarters to enjoy this fine beast farm and leave me to take care of the mess you left?" Rocky yelled at Sheridan with wide open eyes and both arms on his sides.

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