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   Chapter 311 An Unbelievable Event

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7909

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"Uriah, can you still get up?" Rocky asked Uriah with concern.

Uriah struggled to raise its body. Although it was weak, its determination was still there. It lifted its injured foreleg. Rubygon covered Uriah and Uriah moved using its other three limbs. The scene shocked the spectators.

The two Deputy Commanders were surprised. They couldn't believe that Rocky was able to manage two beasts at the same time. They also realized that if Uriah reached the martial pitch with the red crystal, they would lose.

"Stop it! Stop it now!" The Deputy Commander in red ordered his Celestial Star Porcupine that was hurt earlier by Rubygon to stop Uriah.

The badly injured Celestial Star Porcupine rushed toward Uriah. The other Deputy Commander also commanded his Razor-fin Leopard to attack Rubygon to cover the Celestial Star Porcupine.

A long whistle went off and Uriah and Rubygon exchanged glances thoughtfully. They faced their opponents and then switched places at the last minute, completely throwing their opponents off. Uriah began to channel its spiritual power and then formed a fireball. It then threw the huge fireball at the Razor-fin Leopard that rushed towards Rubygon.

The leopard as well as the Deputy Commander did not expect Uriah and Rubygon to coordinate their attacks. The leopard was caught by complete surprise as the fireball flew towards it. Even its owner was not able to bark a command. It was hit squarely by the fireball and fell to the ground in a painful howl.

Rubygon went after the Celestial Star Porcupine and bit it wildly. Its mouth was full of razor-sharp iron teeth and the porcupine simply had no defense against it even with long thorns all over its body. It was not long before the porcupine had bald patches all over and had to give up the fight in pain.

Uriah and Rubygon brought the red spiritual crystal to the martial pitch as everyone stared with shock and amazement. Everyone knew that it was impossible for anyone to be able to manage two beasts at the same time.

"Commander in Chief!" Rocky took the red crystal from Uriah's mouth and called Lance on the platform as he raised the red spiritual crystal in his hand as the rays of the sun playfully rolled across its shiny surface.

Lance looked at Rocky from where he was sitting. His eyes gleamed with admiration and gladness. He appeared like a man

Sue greeted as she bowed down to the two approaching ladies.

"Rocky, did Sheridan teach you how to manage two spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time?" Isis asked in a curious and accusing tone.

Marin looked at Rocky as her mind tried to analyze how it was possible for Rocky to manage two beasts at the same time when it was widely known to be impossible.

Rocky replied to Isis' question with a mere smile and said nothing. This made them even more curious.

"Come on. Tell us..." Isis requested in a voice that was both pleading and commanding at the same time.

"I would be so lucky if I was the one who taught him this. My heart almost popped out in excitement when I heard about his skill in the contest," a wizened voice replied back to Isis.

They all turned towards the direction of the voice and saw Sheridan was smiling broadly as he walked towards them. Sheridan was escorted by a tall man, Lance himself.

"Commander in Chief!" Everyone bowed down immediately.

"But Sheridan, if it was not you, then who taught him? He didn't learn that by himself did he?" Isis said in an agitated voice.

"I don't know. But I definitely didn't teach him that skill," Sheridan said seriously. He was drunk the night before and was up until eleven in the morning. He reminded Rocky that he was going to watch the second match and hurried up for it. When the match was over, he met Lance. Lance informed Sheridan that Rocky could manage two beasts at the same time. He was shocked by the news and felt sorry that he was not able to see it in action himself.

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