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   Chapter 310 What a Miracle

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Neither of the two Deputy Commanders had thought that Uriah could escape from the tight encirclement of their spirit-manipulated beasts and could even get that close to the martial pitch. They were grim-faced, worried that Uriah would succeed with the impossible task. Jealousy ate at them from the inside, wondering why their beasts were not as good as Rocky's great spirit-manipulated beast.

Although Uriah was rushing with all its strength toward the martial pitch, every move seemed harder and harder for it to do.

Finally, due to excessive loss of blood, Uriah abruptly fell to the ground and lost consciousness. It was only a few meters away from the martial pitch.

Seeing this, the Celestial Star Porcupine and Razor-fin Leopard rushed towards Uriah's fallen frame. It was their best and last opportunity to steal the red spiritual crystal from its mouth.

"The red spiritual crystal is mine now!" the Deputy Commander in red exclaimed triumphantly. He looked at Rocky as if he had already won.

Rocky frowned deeply, but he knew that Uriah had done its best. From the start to now, Uriah alone had fought against three spirit-manipulated beasts, which had consumed a great deal of its strength. Rocky had already foreseen that this would happen.

As the Celestial Star Porcupine was about to take away the red spiritual crystal from Uriah's mouth, a deafening roar suddenly rang out of the crowded audience. A shadow of a beast as high as half of man's stature, rushed into the field like lightning. Its limbs were muscled looking strong and firm. In a blink of an eye, it had stepped in front of the Celestial Star Porcupine and opened its mouth, revealing its sharp teeth. It tore through its opponent's neck with its large maw. The defensive prickles over the Celestial Star Porcupine's neck were broken off by the beast's teeth like paper.

Blood surged out from the Celestial Star Porcupine's neck, and sprayed at the beast's furious face. It roared louder as if the taste of blood had excited it further.

The audience sat in silent shock, overwhelmed by the violent scene in front of them.

"Whose spirit-manipulated beast is it? How dare you let it interrupt this game!?" The deputy commander in red did not expect what happened. He was intensely infuriated by the spirit-manipulated beast which got in his way

look at Rocky.

The audience were taken aback, unable to comprehend what happened. The only explanation why Rubygon would respond to Rocky like that was if he was telling the truth. And yet, instead of accepting, the people only looked on in doubt.

Rocky gestured at Rubygon, who let go of its hold on the Celestial Star Porcupine and retreated beside Uriah.

Their jaws almost fell to the ground as they saw Rubygon obey Rocky. Marin and Isis looked at each other, mouths agape as well. Although none of them believed what Rocky claimed, their eyes confirmed the fact that Rubygon followed Rocky's gesture. Every eye was widened in shock, every eyebrow high up on their foreheads.

"Did I really see or did my eyes somehow deceive me? He really can control two spirit-manipulated beasts!"

"God! Is he really a human being?"

"How could he do that? That's hardly possible! But he just did it! That's a miracle!"

the crowd murmured among themselves, slowly getting louder in their excitement.

At the same time, Lance, the commanders and officers in the high platform had jumped to their feet. They still found it hard to believe that Rocky was the master of two spirit-manipulated beasts.

"He can control two spirit-manipulated beasts!? How does he do that? Even Sheridan couldn't do that, and he is the best beast breeder of the Holy Dragon Empire." Lance, although his somber expression did not betray anything, was as shocked as the others. He concealed it well but inside he was eager to talk to Rocky and discover more of his secrets.

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