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   Chapter 309 The Last Battle

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"That guy was really..." Isis and Marin looked at each other in wide-eyed amazement. They had also heard Rocky's explanation. They could not believe that Rocky knew every bit of the characteristics of the Hallucinatory Bat. He even managed to use this knowledge to his advantage and eventually defeat it. What surprised them even more was that the Hallucinatory Bat was the spirit-manipulated beast of his enemy, and yet Rocky knew it better than its owner. This was not something that anyone could master.

"It seems that he really learned a lot from Sheridan!" Marin marveled in amazement.

Rocky also noticed Isis and Marin as they talked. He turned to them with a smile to put them at ease. However, the two girls replied with a roll of their eyes, in order to pretend that they weren't watching him. They left soon hurriedly as if they were merely passing by.

Rocky led Uriah away as well and headed for the main road where they had previously fought their way to the martial pitch.

However, he had noticed that the other two spirit-manipulated beasts did not come after them. His instincts told him to be wary, that this could only be a scheme to catch him off guard. He commanded Uriah to be careful as they ran, not letting his guard down. Not long after, the outline of the martial pitch came into their sight. That meant they were likely to be the one to snatch the victory.

As Uriah ran across two giant rock formations, two beast figures appeared unexpectedly. It seemed that they had been waiting behind the rocks to ambush them. They flanked on the right and left of Uriah to charge him with a powerful attack.

Uriah pranced and dodged the pincer attack from the two beasts. Even though it managed to escape narrowly, the two beasts had firmly blocked their way forward.

Rocky slowed to a halt as he observed their surroundings. He saw two figures when they emerged from the back of the rock formation. The shadowed figures stood side by side with malicious smiles on their faces.

The clouds parted and Rocky finally saw the faces of his opponents. They were none other than the two Deputy Commanders and their spirit-manipulated beasts.

"Hey, bastard, thank you for annihilating one of the competitors for us!" The Deputy Commander in red who Rocky saw yeasterday smiled at him smugly, as if he knew something that he did not.

"You did that on purpose." Rocky realized it the moment that he heard the comment of the Deputy Commander in red. The two Deputy Commanders obviously formed an alliance in secret. They purposely set the Deputy Commander in blue robe against him. They knew that it would be a lot easier for them to win the battle if they would have only one enemy instead of two. It did not matter who won the fight, the result was the same to them. As the saying went, 'When the shepherds quarrel, the wolf has won'.

"That's right. But

d full on. Uriah struck it so hard that the Razor-fin Leopard was thrown far away. Uriah turned back to look at Rocky. Its big eyes were brimming with determination and perseverance. It hastily continued to dash forward to break through.

The Razor-fin Leopard and the Celestial Star Porcupine had not given up yet. They chased Uriah desperately.

They caught up to Uriah and the three beasts grappled all the way towards the martial pitch.

At that time, a throng of spectators waited at the martial pitch to see the outcome of the contest. They looked towards the commotion and noticed the figures of the fierce beasts locked in fierce battle. They could not help but come closer to the field to watch the battle between the three devoted beasts. Sue and Rubygon were among the throng.

As the three beasts drew closer to the martial pitch, the officiers and commanders together with Lance were engrossed in the battle, watching from the high platform.

The three beasts were getting closer and closer to the martial pitch. They were less than one fifth of a mile away, but Uriah was severely hurt and bleeding. Nonetheless, it not only survived the pincer attack of the Celestial Star Porcupine and the Razor-fin Leopard but also kept its fighting spirit high as it fought bravely. Its amazing physical and fighting spirit amazed all the spectators.

Despite this remarkable strength, Uriah gradually grew slower because of the pain and blood loss from the injuries it had suffered.

Rocky followed closely behind Uriah but could not do anything to help it. He could only look as Uriah fought on its own. His brow furrowed and his fists clenched in worry. As much as he wanted to cease the competition because he could not bear to see Uriah getting more injured, he could not. It was Uriah's fight and he could tell from the determined look in its eyes that Uriah wanted to fight until the very last moment!

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