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   Chapter 308 Remove One Opponent

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Rocky immediately noticed that three Deputy Commanders followed him closely with their spirit-manipulated beasts. He was unable to shake them off. He then looked around to observe the terrain before whistling to Uriah.

Uriah quickly went into a gap between two buildings as Rocky flew to the top roof of another building to have a better view of the terrain and better direct the way for Uriah.

The three Deputy Commanders and their spirit-manipulated beasts followed behind and prepared to attack Uriah.

Uriah quickly left behind two spirit-manipulated beasts with Rocky's directions. But the third was a three-headed Hallucinatory Bat that took advantage of its flying ability and caught up with Uriah.

Soon afterwards, the Hallucinatory Bat attacked Uriah.

Rocky soon saw the master of the bat approach. A Deputy Commander in a blue robe.

A fierce fight immediately followed.

The bat attacked first. It used the wind from its wings to throw dust and wind at Uriah. Uriah responded by charging towards the bat.

The bat flew higher to avoid Uriah's attack while hissing at Uriah.

Uriah missed its attack and fell to the ground. It looked hurt.

"The Hallucinatory Bat uses the sound of its voice to create illusions in its opponent's minds. This disrupts their actions and makes them lose their sense of perspective." Rocky recalled the battle information about the bat. The bat had the advantage against Uriah. If he did not come up of a counter attack, Uriah could quickly get into trouble.

The other two Deputy Commanders were on their way. If Uriah didn't defeat the bat before the other two Deputy Commanders arrived, Uriah could be easily overwhelmed.

Uriah started attacking the bat with fireballs that the bat av

s altitude. It was soon engulfed by the fire and fell to the ground unconscious.

"How was that possible?" the Deputy Commander murmured in shock and disbelief and stood motionless in place. He recovered from his shock and glared at Rocky and shouted, "What did you do?"

"Did you really think I came here without a tactical purpose? It appears that you do not know your own spirit-manipulated beast. The sound wave emitted by the Hallucinatory Bat can bewilder its opponents and cloud their judgment. But sound bounces off solid surfaces. So in a place like this, the more sound waves your bat produces, the stronger the reflected sound will be. Your own spirit-manipulated beast was the center of its own attacks. In the end, it was overwhelmed by the constantly reflected sound waves and lost its own sense of judgment. It was you who made the wrong decision by coming here!" Rocky explained. He stared emotionlessly at the Deputy Commander and then stared at Uriah.

The Deputy Commander's face turned pale after hearing Rocky's explanation. His spirit-manipulated beast had completely lost its ability to fight.

Rocky successfully removed one opponent.

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