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   Chapter 307 A New Chase

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Isis could remember a time when Sheridan told her that she was the most qualified talent. It was a source of pride for her as well. But now, all he could talk about was how talented Rocky was. Isis heard Sheridan praise Rocky for his intelligence and aptitude. It made her feel uneasy, and she wanted to ask him who he thought was better, Rocky or her. Unfortunately, a part of her was afraid that if she did, she might not get the answer that she wanted at all.

"Isis?" She turned towards the voice and saw Marin approaching.

"Here you are!" Isis looked at Marin, smiling warmly.

"You weren't with the Commander in Chief, so I thought you might be here," Marin said, smiling back at her.

"I just want to see for myself if Rocky is as good as Sheridan said!" Isis told her quietly, voice as soft as the gentle flow of water in a deep pond.

"Oh? Could you be jealous of Rocky?" Marin said teasingly. It was the first time she had seen Isis like this. She had been close to Isis for a long time, and being her cousin, she could say that she knew her very well. It was the first time she seemed affected by something and not her stoic self.

"Why would I be jealous of him? No way!" Isis exclaimed vehemently as if it was the worst thing she had ever heard.

"We all know that Sheridan has a strange preferences. He used to praise you a lot but now he thinks very highly of Rocky. So, you must feel you're being compared." Marin smiled knowingly at her. She seemed delighted when Isis could not meet her eyes and instead looked away from her.

"You think so?" Isis would never admit to it but that was exactly what she was feeling. Her father, who never praised others, spoke highly of Rocky. Rocky must have something extremely special to get all these special treatment. Something she didn't have...

"There will always be someone out there who is better than us. It seems, my dear cousin, that you have finally met your match. And that is Rocky!" Marin looked smug and amused as she waited for her cousin's response. She thought Rocky was good but she didn't expect that he would cause something this interesting. She should thank him some day.

"That's impossible. He could be no match for me!" Isis said in an arrogant voice. She seemed annoyed that Marin would even suggest something like that.

Instead of answering, Marin just smiled at her silently. She turned back to where Rocky was, but found that he had left while they were

he noticed that not one of those three beasts found the red spiritual crystal, but Uriah did.

Marin nodded in agreement. Uriah had exhibited its astonishing talent as a spirit-manipulated beast and its unique abilities. Many spectators considered it as a spiritual beast. Since spiritual beasts were rare, some conjectured that maybe Uriah was a variable spirit-manipulated beast.

When Rocky saw the crowd, a bad feeling suddenly overcame him. His brows furrowed and stared warily around them as he looked for the threat that he could feel in his guts. Just as he feared, the three Deputy Commanders came back along with their beasts and laid greedy eyes on the red spiritual crystal in Uriah's mouth.

All of spirit-manipulated beasts of those three Deputy Commanders were at the second grade of three stars. Not one of them could defeat Uriah. However, if they worked together against Uriah, things would be different. If other manipulators went here, Uriah would be outnumbered and overwhelmed. They would have little chance of winning despite how powerful Uriah was.

Rocky subtly motioned to Uriah and they turned swiftly away to the opposite side. They flew off with the red spiritual crystal before anybody could move.

The three Deputy Commanders looked at each other as if they had not expected him to run away. Their eyes met each other and moved as one, chasing Rocky along with their beasts. They knew that none of them could win over Rocky, thus they had no choice but to form an alliance. Curious and eager to know what would happen, the spectators followed after them.

And thus, a fierce chase had started...

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