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   Chapter 306 The Second Round Of The Competition

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"No, it didn't cause any trouble. It was well-behaved. Miss Isis did not return to the Isis Pavilion last night, so I do not know of her thoughts about Rubygon. And she knew about it since the last time you brought Rubygon here, anyway," Sue responded.

"The last time?" Rocky blurted out. He immediately remembered that he also came with Rubygon when he attended the Army Flag Contest last time. He felt flustered at a thought that crossed his mind. 'Is it possible that Isis already knew that I have two spirit-manipulated beasts?'

"Mr. Bai, are you alright?" Sue asked when she saw that Rocky's expression suddenly changed.

"Yes. Of course, I am fine. Watch the competition together with Rubygon! Well, I have to go now!" Rocky said and then affectionately tousled Sue's hair while smiling affectionately at her. He then turned to walk towards the platform.

In the meantime, Lance walked towards the platform from the opposite side with a group of officers and commanders. The people in the crowd watched him with admiration as he walked. Some of the people in the crowd then noticed that Rocky was also approaching the platform from the opposite side.

When Lance saw Rocky's approach, he walked towards him as the people in the crowd watched them both.

"Commander in Chief!" Rocky greeted politely and bowed to Lance the moment he saw him.

"I was impressed by your performance yesterday. I am looking forward to another impressive performance from you today," Lance said calmly, slightly smiling.

Everyone who walked with Lance stared at Rocky with a feeling of surprise and envy. It was rare for the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group to voice out his admiration as well as say encouraging words.

"I will do everything I can not to disappoint you, sir!" Rocky replied calmly, stressing "disappoint" deliberately.

Lance smiled contentedly and slightly nodded. He then continued his walk as his officers and commanders followed him closely.

Seven spirit manipulators including Rocky were qualified to join the second round. All of them had gathered in front of the high platform. Six of them were all deputy commanders of their respective military camps. Rocky was the only exception.

Lance slowly walked towards the front of the platform and scanned the entire training field with his sharp eyes. He was like an eagle looking across the plains in search of its prey. When the crowd saw Lance was scanning the training field, everyone fell silent. None dared move nor breathe. Everyone waited for Lance to announce the rules for the second round of the competition.

"Two red spiritual crystals are hidden at two separate places within the camp

the participants were not allowed to attack each other, their spirit-manipulated beasts were not prohibited to fight each other.

It was clear, then, that the strength of a spirit-manipulated beast was the first key to winning this round.

But even though the strength of the spirit-manipulated beast was important to win the round, it was equally important for its owner to have the necessary beast-manipulating skills. When a spirit-manipulated beast found a red crystal, it was obvious that the other spirit-manipulated beasts would give chase and try to take that crystal from it. The owner of the beast who found a crystal needed to have the skills to take advantage of his beast's strengths in order to defend the crystal until his beast reached the training field.

Groups of people followed the seven competitors around as they searched for the red crystals. And since Rocky had a remarkable performance yesterday, the biggest group of people followed him around.

On the way to the area that Rocky meant to go, a graceful figure slowly landed like a feather on the roof of a nearby building. It was Isis. She stared at Rocky with her beautiful yet cold, calculating eyes.

"Sheridan once said that you have a rare and outstanding ability of manipulating beasts that only manifests once in many generations, which surpasses even mine. I would like to see it today," Isis declared arrogantly. She had long suspected that the second round would be mainly a competition between spirit-manipulated beasts. Her father knew that Sheridan had accepted Rocky as his disciple and that he had almost learned all of Sheridan's skills. Her father was then eager to see Rocky use those skills. The second round was mainly designed to see how many of Sheridan's skills had Rocky mastered!

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