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   Chapter 305 More Troublesome

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"You are too creepy!" Without anyone recognizing, the woman stepped backward and placed a distance from Rocky. A light of vigilance shone from her eyes.

"I didn't have the privilege to know your name. Can I have the laud of knowing your name Miss?" Rocky asked smiling after obtaining his ordinary look. His smile glowed like the stars in the sky, with no bright city lights to dim them. It was like the sun opened its eager light to illuminate about her, only brightening his perfectly aligned teeth.

"I'm Laney." The woman paused for a while, scrutinized Rocky up and down and responded back.

"You are Miss Laney?" Rocky's face was washed blank with bewilderment like his brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to capture in the information from her wide eyes. It was far beyond Rocky's prediction to get into contact with the most renowned prostitute in Geisha House. Chances of laying their eyes on her were minimum for ordinary people like him. It was a fat chance. Sheridan had earlier informed him that she was a beauty. Laney had flowing golden curls or ivory skin; piercing eyes of green. She was better than two dimensional photo shopped models. Her allure was so charming after one laid one's eyes on her. She earned all the compliments now that he had met her face to face.

"What's amiss? Don't you think that I am pulling your leg?" Laney derided. At the back of her mind, every man who set his eyes on her would froth. Preferring to be with her. Rocky was unlike that. He never revealed any interest ever since from beginning to end.

This made her think her charming glamor which was yearned for by men vanished in thin air. Rocky had become accustomed to being escorted by charmers and wasn't easy mesmerized by them. Laney had no slightest perception that Rocky had met a multitude of charmers, who enjoyed the same glamour as her.

"No, I don't. My teacher had pointed out to me that Miss Laney is a charm. You are worthy of the name!" Rocky showered her with praises calmly but they all seemed to be cold praises.

"My instincts tell me that you don't mean it." Laney winked, after hearing what he said.

"Really?" Rocky scowled, he remained steady after not identifying the dissatisfaction in her voice.

When her eyes clashed with Rocky's, Laney couldn't spot the perfect word to respond, rendering her dumb. For the first time she felt nothing after being charmed. It didn't imply that Rocky scorned her. She could tell Rocky's compliment was from his heart. And this was way above wha

tial pitch was in a sea of people like yesterday. Due to the limited pitch, most of the people didn't witness the second half of yesterday's match. But the trending news was rescinded after Rocky showed his eighth grade of the Earthly Stage, and it spread across the whole military camp like wildfire.

Rocky was perfectly well-known in the base camp. Everyone spoke of Rocky. How Commander in Chief showered him with praises. How he obscured his capability of the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage as a beast breeder.

Reputation might trouble you. It led to quite a pandemonium as instantly as Rocky and Uriah appeared at the martial pitch. Everyone was inquisitive about Rocky and yearned to array their eyes on the beast breeder and know how he looked like.

But Rocky was imperceptible to the turmoil and trudged forward with an impassive face.

"Mr. Bai..." Rocky heard that someone was calling him in a pleasant voice. He tilted his head and found that Sue and Rubygon were standing among the crowd.

"Sue, I'm shocked beyond words that you are here. What brought you here?" Rocky asked as he walked toward them.

"We come to watch your contest. I learned from Miss Isis that you have proceeded into the second round. And you had a splendid performance yesterday. Everyone is talking about you in the base camp now," Sue spoke in a high surge of excitement. Deliriously happy, giddy even.

"Did Rubygon put you in trouble? Did Isis hint anything about Rubygon?" Rocky smirked and asked after seeing Rubygon near Sue. Rocky was just aware that Rubygon was at Isis Pavilion in the morning and was dead worried that Isis would question about Rubygon's background.

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