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   Chapter 304 He's Different

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Updated: 2020-01-28 00:02

"What's wrong?" Rocky asked curiously.

"Miss Laney only serves one guest per night. Each one of the guests wants her to serve him. They all want to meet Miss Laney," Sheridan explained.

"But there are so many people. How will she choose? Does she always choose the richest one?" Rocky asked with a puzzled look.

"I have no idea about that. It's her call. I've heard that many commanders of the headquarters have had the luck to see Miss Laney. Maybe she has a preference for military men. What about this? You can pretend to be a commander and try your luck. What do you say?" Sheridan laughed and squinted his eyes.

"Oh, forget it! I had no idea those commanders liked to visit here. But they really know how to enjoy their life, huh?" Rocky said mockingly.

In a blink of an eye, it was already late at night.

Sheridan was so happy that he drank a lot tonight. Although Rocky drank as much as Sheridan did, he was slightly drunk because his tolerance for alcohol was high.

Sheridan, however, got so drunk that he even began speaking nonsense. Now that they were done eating and drinking, Rocky stood up and decided to take Sheridan back to the headquarters.

At the same time, Yasmin was walking towards them. "Oh, shit! Is he drunk again?" she said. "It is true that wine is on me, but that does not mean that he should drink that much! Doesn't he know he could die of alcohol? You can just take him to my room," she continued.

"Is that okay for you?" Rocky asked.

"Oh yeah. It's not his first time anyway. If you want, you can spend the night in my room as well." Yasmin smiled while ogling Rocky.

Rocky said nothing and just smiled. He helped Sheridan stand up and carried him downstairs following Yasmin. They then went into a spacious courtyard through a side door.

Pleased sounds were coming out of the rooms around the courtyard. The moans echoed in the air.

After they walked along the corridor for a while, they finally arrived in front of a quiet house.

Yasmin led them to a room in the house, opened the door, and told him, "Here we are. Now, put him in bed. It's already late at

hat Mr. Sheridan is a master doctor. It would an honor for anybody else to have such a teacher like him. Why do you sound like you are unwilling to be his student?" the girl asked with a confused look upon her face.

"Well, no! My teacher indulges in alcohol and women. I don't think it's an honor to be his student. If you want, I can hand the honor over to you," Rocky answered humorously.

The girl burst out laughing. Rocky soon froze as he was infatuated with her mesmerizing smile.

"You are so funny and weird," the girl commented after a while.

"Oh, really? Why?" Rocky asked, not knowing what she meant.

"The men I meet always stare at me with that kind of look, and what they want to know about me first is always my name. But you are different. The way you look at me makes me feel that I'm an ordinary woman. It makes me feel like I am a human, and not a pleasure toy. It makes me comfortable," the girl explained.

"Is that so? Do you mean this kind of look?" Rocky said as an evil smile crept over the corner of his lips. He then got closer to the girl and kept his eyes fixated on her. When their eyes met, she felt as if his eyes were a vast ocean that she was drowning in.

She was frozen by his change. The man in front of her seemed to have become another person, and she felt that she had been engulfed by his unique aura. Now her strange feeling for Rocky was getting more intense.

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