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   Chapter 302 Encounter Sheridan

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The area outside the bamboo forest echoed in shocked silence. All the audience stood in amazement as they looked at each other as if to check if the others had also seen what they saw.

Up until that moment, everyone believed that Rocky would lose. He was the underdog of the contest, and the situation was not favorable to him. And yet, contrary to everyone's expectations, he was able to turn the tide and turn a crushing defeat into a victorious win.

"The strength of that strike was almost at the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage. It's unimaginable how he had reached the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage!" Isis exclaimed in surprise. Her hand fluttered by her side, unable to sit still in her astonishment.

Upon Isis' exclamation, chaos erupted from the audience. The commanders and officers tuned to each other in disbelief. They asked each other but no one had any real answers as they all drew blanks. They could only guess and those with experience had better hypothesis than others.

"At this time, he was still hiding his real strength?" Marin's eyes widened in surprise as she stared at the field in front of her.

However, no one could accurately judge if the attack they had seen was deliberately made or if it was struck accidentally.

"Ha-ha-ha..." Lance who had been silent throughout the debacle abruptly burst into hearty laughter. He could not hide his amazement, and marveled at the scene in front of him. "Instead of using the power at the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage, he used the power at the sixth grade of the Earthly Stage so his opponents would underestimate him. He also deliberately revealed his flaws to pretend to end up in elimination when actually his previous opponent was just a dummy and his real target was another Deputy Commander. He is really skilled in stratagem. It is nearly impossible to defend effectively against him!"

Lance explained to those around him patiently, uncovering the mystery to them.

This statement instantly sparked debate among those who were able to hear. Heated discussion from the commanders and officers caused some of the audience to look at their direction when the noise became too loud. They thought of Rocky as a monster. They could not believe how he was able to come up with such an

ost famous street in the Evian City. The street was brightly lit with red lanterns, buzzing with noise and excitement. Women of different styles stood in front of the brothel doors, soliciting the passing guests.

As expected, only men were present on the streets, besides the women from the brothels.

Moreover, none of them could resist the temptation. Within a few steps, they would be pulled into one of the brothels by the women.

'I've never seen this place before, ' Rocky sighed in heart. He felt a bit innocent, looking curiously at his surroundings. Though he had read some words and watched some films about the ancient brothels, it was quite a different experience to see it in person.

"Lad, this must be your first time coming here. If you want, I could arrange a woman for you. Don't say I never treat you well. Ha-ha!" Sheridan suggested.

"Really? Are you serious?" Rocky replied blankly. It seemed that Sheridan really thought of him as just a naive boy. In fact, in the modern world, he had romance with many kinds of women.

While in this world, he had only one experience which was accidental and unpleasant. For him, it was like a nightmare. Though he had been framed up, the experience couldn't be erased from his memories. He knew it was more painful for the woman he had hurt. Although he didn't intend to evade his guilty, he had repressed those terrible after being expelled to the frontier. At the back of his mind, he thought maybe he was the one who should be forgotten by her.

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