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   Chapter 301 End the Fighting at Any Time

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7279

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Now Rocky found himself stuck in a predicament. The Deputy Commander in red was braced and ready, about to start his attack. A strong spiritual light was surrounding him, with the full power of the Earthly Stage's seventh grade in full display. Among the all six Deputy Commanders of the military camps, he was the only one below Dunn.

Another green signal suddenly flashed through the sky.

"It seems like there are only eight people left in the bamboo forest. So if we want to get to the second round, all we have to do is beat him!" The Deputy Commander in brown cried out in excitement upon seeing that signal.

"I recommend that you withdraw from this competition. You're no match for me, so don't waste everyone's time!" The Deputy Commander in red sneered at Rocky confidently.

"You're right. I am indeed weaker than you guys. But it's the final chance, and I'll try my best to seize that!" Rocky replied coolly.

"Then I'll just have to show you how hopeless you are," the Deputy Commander in red sneered as he activated the spiritual power. Turning over both hands, two variants of spiritual powers merged to form the shadow of a giant snake. The snake aimed itself and darted sharply towards Rocky with its mouth wide open. The spirit manipulator had taken out his full strength with the intention to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

In the other field, Uriah's path was also hindered by a spirit-manipulated beast. The beast's whole body was covered by spots, along with long and sharp spines, and its appearance was that of a boar.

Soon, they were engaged in combat against one another.

But rather than attack it, Uriah's movements aimed to contain the spirit-manipulated beast instead.

And Rocky summoned up his spiritual power immediately. When he faced the Deputy Commander in red, his expression was calm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two powers collided with each other in a ferocious crash, emitting an eruption of dazzling light. Dust kicked up in all directions, blanketing the area.

The Deputy Commander in red figured out Rocky was only at the sixth grade of the Earthly Stage, and evidently weaker than himself. He was certain

" Rocky's eyes narrowed as he concentrated his power.

Almost immediately, a big fireball was shooting to the Deputy Commander in brown, passing the Deputy Commander in red, and blocking the avenue of escape.

The Deputy Commander in brown cursed angrily, "Damn, I think I'm going to have to block this one!" His spiritual power rushed out and he started drawing circles with hands. It all concentrated into a light shield that shimmered in front of him, blocking the attack directly.

Seeing his action, Rocky smiled broadly.

The spiritual light intensified and his power suddenly rose from the sixth grade of the Earthly Stage to the eighth grade. It was mind-boggling.

The Deputy Commander in red started feeling dizzy and the brown one had no time to react to the change. A powerful arrow was shot at him with the strength of the Earthly Stage's eighth grade.

And inevitably, the arrow broke through the spiritual power shield and hit right into the Deputy Commander in brown.

The Deputy Commander in brown had not expected that at all, but there was no room for regrets now.


The whole area filled with blinding light and the Deputy Commander in brown was flung into the air. He crash-landed onto the earth several meters away and was knocked out. The bamboos around him had been felled.

Moments later, a red signal was fired into the air, signaling the end of the first round's second half, and the scuffles ended.

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