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   Chapter 300 Made A Bet

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Meanwhile, Rocky hadn't realized that he had been the center of attention in the Illusory Mirror. Everyone outside the bamboo forest was paying close attention to his performance.

However, he had to direct his attention to a much more serious situation at hand. Because it had just dawned on him that he had lost sight of the spirit manipulator of the third grade of the Earthly Stage.

'That's strange... I'm sure I saw him in front of me a while ago. How did I manage to lose him?' Rocky looked around in search of the figure of the spirit manipulator, as he had planned to use him as bait. But he could simply not find him anywhere.

Without warning, a figure dropped down from the shadows about thirty feet away from where Rocky stood. The fallen figure was the very same bait that Rocky was now searching for. But the figure of his bait crumpled down when an evil figure walked past him. Rocky, far from the spot, remained oblivious.

'Alright then, I guess I'll just wait here until the event ends!' Rocky concluded, as his search went in vain. Since he lost his bait, no one else could clear the way for him. He knew that the other spirit manipulators were engaged in a fight-to-win battle. It wouldn't be long before spirit manipulators began losing their lives or powers. So, rather than advancing forward at great risk to himself, it was wiser to wait at his leisure for a fatigued enemy. His plan to win this competition was to do so without having to go all out.

All at once, Rocky sensed two figures suddenly appeared at his left side. They were at the level of the Earthly Stage in strength. And before Rocky could do anything, the two figures revealed themselves before him.

Rocky studied the two figures and found that they were dressed in the costumes for Deputy Commanders, but in a different color. The cultivation base for the one in red was at the seventh grade of the Earthly Stage, and the one in brown was at the sixth grade of the Earthly Stage. Once they all laid eyes on one another, Rocky knew that these two challengers would not go easy on him.

A stand-up fight with them wouldn't be a good idea, Rocky realized, as he took Uriah in an attempt to slip away. However, two spirit-manipulated beasts at the second grade of three stars sprang out just opposite him. The two beasts and the two spirit-manipulating Deputy Commanders formed a pincer formation that blocked Rocky and Uriah's retreat.

In the next moment, Uriah made threatening movements towards the two spirit-manipulated beasts before them. But the two beasts were no less aggressive, and seemed completely unintimidated by Uriah's behavior.

"Uriah, stop!" Rocky admonished Uriah, curbing its temptation to move. This was not the time to be reactionary. They had to be more careful, being outnumbered by their opponents.

"Hmm, isn't this one the beast breeder of the northeast military camp who defeated Evan this morning?" the Deputy Commander in brown remarked in surprise, gazin

n arrangement? Was it because if Rocky failed in the competition, then the Commander in Chief wouldn't have a reason to promote him anymore?

"So? Are you taking the bet? That Rocky will be knocked out?" Lance asked Isis.

"No. I'm betting that he will be one of the seven people who will survive the competition," Isis replied firmly, clearly having suddenly changed her stance.

"Cousin!" Marin exclaimed in surprise, whirling around to look at her.

"Commander Marin, how about it? Want to join us? I will reward the one who makes the correct prediction with a preliminary Dark Heaven Egg. And the one who fails to choose the correct outcome shall have a drink with me as punishment." Lance grinned at Marin.

"Then... Alright. I also predict that Rocky will be able to get into the second round of competition!" It had taken a few moments of deliberation, but Marin opted to choose Isis' side.

"Hmm, so neither of you want to see Rocky defeated! Actually, I also want to see him succeed in the competition. He could be that once-in-a-lifetime talent that we've been looking for." Lance nodded, a meaningful expression on his face as he talked to the two girls beside him.

"So you've set this up only to see if he's been hiding his talents all along, didn't you? Even doesn't look like he has a real fighting chance..." Isis felt uneasy at the thought. She was certainly hoping that Rocky could make it. But at the same time, she did not see the slightest possibility in him making it out of this particular situation. Hope and worry battled over in her mind.

"However slim the chance is, it is still a chance. But that'll still depend on how he seizes the moment," Lance replied, clearly with some hidden meaning.

At that, Isis and Marin returned their attentions to the Illusory Mirror. Though they kept their thoughts to themselves, they watched in anticipation as the confrontation between Rocky and the two spirit-manipulating Deputy Commanders commenced.

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