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   Chapter 299 Supervision On Rocky

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Not aware that he was being watched, Rocky followed the spirit manipulator who was at the third grade of the Earthly Stage. If everything went according to plan, the confused fighting would end in two hours. If he could stay hidden and safe until the end of the two hours, he would be qualified to proceed to the second round.

At that same time, in other areas of the bamboo forest, some spirit manipulators consumed much of their spirit energies to launch powerful attacks against each other.

At the end of the first hour, three spirit manipulators below the skill of deputy commanders had been eliminated for being knocked out or simply running out of energy.

But changes were unexpectedly happening within the bamboo forest.

Dunn of the east-southeast military camp combined forces with another spirit manipulator from their camp. Dunn was a spirit manipulator of the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage and with their combined strength, no one was stupid enough to dare go against them. A third spirit manipulator from their camp soon joined them. At this rate, their group was likely to grab three of the seven positions who would make it to the second round.

However, the three camps originally having two participants, including the northeast military camp, had only one deputy commander left now. Therefore, the three deputy commanders agreed to join forces in order to survive.

Two other military camps including the eastern mountain military camp that originally had three representatives found themselves in dire situation for their individual members failed to find each other in time.

Therefore, except Rocky and the spirit manipulator that Rocky used as bait, there were now four sub-teams in total inside the bamboo forest. If they confronted each other, the number of participants would d

that built up in his hand flew to the air and formed a water mirror which showed an empty bamboo forest.

The commanders and the officials seated behind Lance were all startled and confused.

The Water Mirror Illusion was a spiritual martial arts skill that could be used at a range of a few hundred meters. The mirror was formed from the moisture in the air of the bamboo forest to display what went on inside the bamboo forest.

It consumed a large amount of spiritual power. Thus, Lance never used it under regular circumstances. Those who knew about the mirror wondered why Lance used it now considering it consumed such a large amount of spirit energy and now showed only an empty bamboo forest.

After a few moments, the figure of a man appeared in the water mirror.

"Isn't that the breeder from the northeast military camp?" someone said when he recognized Rocky in the mirror.

The commanders and officials started to whisper among themselves. They never expected that the purpose of using a technique that consumed a lot of spiritual energy was to merely watch Rocky.

Isis and Marin also looked puzzled. The suddenly had a feeling that something terrible was about to happen to Rocky.

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