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   Chapter 297 Fighting Shoulder To Shoulder

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"Don't you think it'll be too boring? The Commander in Chief is the one who wanted to play, so I won't hold back and take on him to the very end." Rocky smirked with a glint of steel in his expression. For a brief moment, he looked almost transformed from his regular countenance.

Both Isis and Marin stared, stunned, at the change that came upon Rocky. This was the first time they saw him appear so fearless and haughty that it seemed as though he had complete control of the situation. They were both certain that the tide was about to change and that something big was about to happen.

The ship gradually docked. After flashing the two ladies a glance, Rocky stepped off the ship and left with Uriah.

"Isis, why did you tell Rocky all of those things? The more he knows, the more intensely he'll resist! It won't do him any favors," Marin admonished Isis anxiously. Right from the start, she hadn't approved of Isis informing Rocky about all of those things. But she was also subconsciously aware that Isis wouldn't have been stopped anyway.

"Because it'll be interesting! Aren't you the least bit curious about what his true powers are? You're as desperate to know as I am! I'm fairly certain we'll see it for ourselves soon." Isis smiled, satisfied with how things had turned out.

"So you deliberately provoked him so that he would challenge the Commander in Chief?" Marin demanded, scandalized, once she realized that this was Isis' intention all along. Frowning and with furrowed brows, she added, "You know, if he were to reveal his true powers and strengths, it'll only make the Commander in Chief want to promote him even more. And Rocky doesn't want that."

"What's wrong with you? You looked worried about him," Isis teased playfully as she raised an eyebrow at Marin. She had noticed for a while now that Marin was particularly concerned over Rocky.

"Stop making fun of me, Isis, or I'm just going to ignore you," Marin grumbled, glaring Isis. However, there was truth in what she said: she was very concerned about Rocky's wellbeing.

"Well, to tell you the truth...I have a bet with my father. I bet him that he wouldn't be able to subdue Rocky," Isis suddenly remarked.

"You mean you had this planned out?!" Marin's jaw dropped in astonishment.


urprise, he responded, "I don't intend to cooperate with you."

Deputy Commander Chen was stunned. "We are the only ones left in the northeast military camp!" he told him in disbelief. "If we act separately, both of us will be crushed. It's imperative that we team up in the confused fighting. Otherwise, we won't win!"

"Really? Well if that's what you think, Deputy Commander Chen, please feel free to take care of yourself out there," Rocky sneered, unperturbed. He had already seen through Deputy Commander Chen's true concern: Chen didn't think that he would be able to win the confused fighting by himself. And after witnessing Rocky's real power in the first half of the round, he felt that allying himself with him was his best chance of surviving to the next round.

However, as his power currently stood, it would be extremely easy for Rocky to enter the second round. He felt no need to cooperate with Deputy Commander Chen. With a nod in finality, Rocky turned and strode away.

Deputy Commander Chen stood dumbstruck in shock, momentarily frozen in place. Then he let out a discouraged sigh and left on his own.

As the fifteen spirit manipulators stepped into the bamboo forest, one after another, the authorities from the Crimson Dragon Group led by Lance had stayed out of the action. In this large forest, it was difficult for them to watch the confused fighting in full view. Hence, the spirit manipulators supervising the confused fighting would send them the real-time battlefield reports instead.

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