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   Chapter 296 A Stubborn Man

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"Is that another compliment, Deputy Commander in Chief?" Rocky said with a sly smile. He now believed that Isis somehow thought highly of him.

"Fine. Yes, that was a compliment. My father has commended you in front of other people several times. Even Mr. Sheridan often tells me of your talents," Isis replied.

"What are you really trying to say?" Rocky was not convinced that Isis' true purpose for inviting him here was only to praise him.

"Who are you really, Rocky? There are just so many questions about you. We would like to know about the real you." Isis felt it was appropriate to tell Rocky her true purpose. The more she learned about Rocky, the more she found him special. The fight earlier allowed her to see more of Rocky's special talents. Not only was he able to improve at a rate that was seemingly impossible, he also handled the fight in a manner that was astounding. Isis believed that Rocky's skill had something to do with who he really was.

"If you truly want to know, I suppose, I can tell you. The truth is that I am..." Rocky said and paused on purpose and then stared at the two women.

They never expected Rocky to suddenly tell them the truth behind his identity. They slowly leaned forward towards Rocky in anticipation of Rocky's revelation.

"I'm the future emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire," Rocky answered with a snobbish look.

"If you are the future emperor, then I am the future empress! Now stop talking crazy," Isis replied. She took Rocky's answer as another one of his jokes. She suddenly blushed as she realized that if she was to be the future empress then it was like she was saying that she would be Rocky's future wife.

"Ha-ha-ha! I am not sure if you truly want to be my future empress. But since Deputy Commander in Chief brought it up, I will definitely consider it seriously," Rocky laughed loudly.

"Why you!" Isis replied in anger. Her lips trembled in anger, but more because it was her who got herself into this predicament than because of Rocky's witty retort.

"Calm down Isis! He is just being absurd again. Are you really taking what he said seriously?" Marin said softly to calm Isis down.

"Well, you are right! That was just another one of his jokes." Isis blushed as her anger evaporated into thin air. The stoic Isis that Rocky was used to seei

he gets what he wants," Isis said while staring straight into Rocky with her mesmerizing eyes.

"Why are you telling me this? You are his daughter. Shouldn't you be on his side? Aren't you worried that I will quit the competition now that I know of your father's plan?" Rocky asked with caution as he tried to figure out the reason behind Isis' revelation.

"Do you really think that it still matters now whether you know the truth or not? Now that you know the lengths that my father would go to get what he wants, it would be in your best interest to stop resisting against what he wants. I know you are not the type of person who'd simply agree to what other people want. That is why I told you about my father's plan. Because you cannot win against my father. And if you were not my cousin's favorite subordinate, I would not bother telling you this. It's none of my business," Isis taunted.

"Who said that he is my favorite? He is not my favorite at all!" Marin said, trying to contradict what Isis said about her.

"Rocky, save yourself the trouble and just agree to the promotion. You can't change the mind of Commander in Chief at this point. It will be totally worth your while anyway. You know you cannot withstand the consequences of going against Commander in Chief." Marin tried to convince Rocky. Isis' words brought a different realization for her, and she began worrying for Rocky.

She also knew her uncle very well. If Rocky managed to get Lance mad, the resulting backlash would not be something that anyone could survive.

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