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   Chapter 295 Testing

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Isis and Marin left the base camp with Rocky and Uriah as their bodyguards. The two ladies ignored Rocky's presence as they traveled all the way to Evian City.

Beautiful ladies would always be the center of attention in a crowd, and that was a known fact anywhere. When they walked on the streets of Evian City, the two young and gorgeous ladies attracted a lot of admiring glances.

Rocky quickly realized that more and more people were attracted by the two beauties and had started to follow them. Soon, a long line of admirers formed behind their group. But the two girls were not disturbed by this and focused on their shopping.

"Uriah," Rocky called out to Uriah. He was worried that a riot might break out if they did not do something about the growing crowd that followed them.

Hearing Rocky's call, Uriah knew immediately what was needed to be done. He positioned himself between the crowd and Rocky's group and then growled threateningly at the crowd.

The people were startled and dispersed immediately. They sensed that Uriah was the kind of spirit-manipulated beast that they couldn't afford to offend. Even the ordinary spirit manipulators whose powers were weak feared powerful spiritual beasts so they went away as well.

Rocky turned to the two girls when the crowd dispersed. "Dear Isis and dear Marin, could you please lay low a little?"

"Why do we need to do that? We have you; our highly-effective bodyguard," Isis said making fun of Rocky.

When Isis went out, she usually went with guards and had her face covered with a veil. It was extremely rare that she would go out without a veil on her face nor go out without guards. She went out without guards and a veil this time since Rocky was out with her anyway.

Rocky gave out an audible sigh and rolled his eyes at her. He understood that Isis was just deliberately making things more difficult for him since he was their bodyguard.

"Isis, stop that!" Marin said with a tinge of irritation clouding her beautiful face.

"Now follow us and be sure not to lose us or you'll be cleaning the bathrooms of the base camp for three days!" Isis said and then suddenly changed into a bluish silhouette and then disappeared.

Marin turned into a shadow and then followed

r filled the wide windows of the ship.

The beautiful scenery made Isis relax a little. A faint smile of satisfaction crossed her lips. "The things that you would say when you are drunk are likely not the truth. Moreover, you are a cunning person who would likely make up lies. So there is no need for us to get you drunk."

"I will take that as a compliment from the Deputy Commander in Chief," Rocky said. A slight smile and a thoughtful look immediately filled his countenance. "I think we need to get more serious."

"Marin, your turn or mine?" Isis asked as she glanced at Marin.

"Your turn. I bet that he won't tell the truth," Marin replied with a confident look.

"Well, there is a simple way to do this. We are both stronger than him and he cannot escape us. So we can just force him to tell us the truth," Isis said with a slightly naughty smile. Now it seemed that Isis was the hunter and Rocky was her prey.

"Are you going to try and force me to make confession?" Rocky asked with an impish smile. The whole situation seemed to go quickly against him. But Rocky was obviously not anxious nor afraid. There was always a way out for him. Instead, he was curious about what they planned to do next.

"Rocky, please just tell us who you are really," Isis asked as her eyes shone with the reflected light from the sun.

"I'm just a regular guy," Rocky answered as he shrugged.

"You can't fool me, Rocky. You are more than a regular guy," Isis said while glancing at Rocky.

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