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   Chapter 294 The New Trick

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6332

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Rocky walked towards Evan who had been completely defeated. He smiled coldly.

Evan was on his stomach. The severity of his wounds kept him from moving. He could do nothing but watch Rocky approach him with malice in his eyes. He still could not understand how Rocky became so powerful.

"You must have thought that you will be safe in another military camp. Nothing could be more untrue. When I found out that you would be my opponent, I made up my mind to defeat you completely and conclusively and humiliate you at the same time. Mercy is not something you should expect from me right now," Rocky sneered at Evan in a low voice that only Evan could hear.

When Rocky found out that his opponent was Evan, he threw away his original plan of conserving his strength. Although he had decided long ago to be inconspicuous, he knew that he must make Evan pay for the unforgivable thing that he did to Rocky.

Rocky stretched his hand and pressed down on Evan's left arm after he finished speaking.

"What are you doing?" Evan asked in horror. He suddenly felt a sharp sensation of growing fear and helplessness.

"You will find out soon," Rocky said in a wicked tone.

A moment later, with no pain or warning, Evan suddenly found his left arm immobile and refused to follow his commands of movement.

"Your left arm is completely paralyzed. Remember this. If I see you again, you will not be as lucky. Do you understand?" Rocky said in a threatening voice as he patted Evan's face. He destroyed all of the nerves in Evan's left arm.

Evan stared into Rocky's cold eyes and felt an overwhelming fear growing within him. If Rocky could destroy all of the nerves in his arm with the slightest effort and without making any sound, he could also kill him just as easily. He now regretted offending Rocky. However, it was too late for him.

Evan stared at Rocky as if Rocky was a god of

ere like leaded gloves that hit Rocky directly, knocking his jaw wide open.

"Isis!" Marin exclaimed. Isis' words made Marin blush. She never imagined to hear such words from Isis. She never expected that Isis would threaten Rocky with something so shameful. But she did not know that Rocky had seen Isis in the nude, if she did then her words would sound less scandalous.

Rocky took a deep breath filled with defeat and helplessness. Rocky realized that Isis was one tough lady who dared threaten him with such an embarrassing thing. He fully believed that Isis would do as she said if he refused.

"Alas! Fate has scorned me! What have I done to provoke the two cousins?!" Rocky complained bitterly to himself.

Most of the people in the Crimson Dragon Group considered being the bodyguard of the two beauties a dream assignment. But Rocky was unlike everyone else. He knew that the two ladies would not simply do shopping. Thus, he considered this assignment a walk of pain.

"Let's go!" Isis said excitedly and started to walk with Marin close by her side. Rocky did not dare say anything else.

He stared at their backs as they walked away and smiled bitterly. There was nothing else that he could do but follow them as Uriah walked beside him.

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