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   Chapter 293 Being Promoted

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The Earthly Stage skill that Evan had learned was Ghost Arts, famous arts of Ji Clan. Only a talented apprentice was capable of learning it. This secret skill was never something ordinary. Ghost Fog was one of Ghost Arts. It was one of the top five spiritual martial arts of the Earthly Stage, which meant Ghost Fog was quite a powerful form of spiritual martial arts. If Rocky had been only one or two grades higher than Evan, he couldn't have broken Ghost Fog so easily.

But he did break it effortlessly. This not only meant that Rocky was more powerful than Evan, but also indicated that the Earthly Stage skills that Rocky had learned weren't weaker than Evan's Ghost Arts.

The truth was, the Earthly Stage skills that Rocky had learned were Vast Nebula Skill that was given by Marcia, one of Three Great Generals of Holy Dragon Empire. It was created by another erudite and was much better than Evan's Ghost Arts.

To Evan's surprise, Rocky who had been no match for him only a few months ago could easily break his Ghost Fog now. What made things even weirder was that Rocky could even launch such unassailable spiritual martial arts. There was no way for Evan to believe that Rocky could exceed him in spiritual power, because Rocky couldn't increase his power by several grades in just a few months even if he took some panacea.

Evan's compelling desire to be better than all those around him did not allow him to give up easily. Since he didn't want to believe that Rocky was so powerful now, he attempted to attack him again. He rushed towards Rocky and planned to have hand-to-hand combat with him.

As Evan was approaching, Rocky gave him a sneaky smile and coldly said, "F

couldn't get up for a long time.

Everyone had a hard time believing that Rocky managed to beat Evan, a manipulator of the fourth grade of the Earthly Stage, with only a few attacks.

"Clap! Clap... Clap..." Suddenly, there was a round of applause in the platform. "Who is clapping?" everyone whispered. Shockingly, it was Lance!

"This man is such a prodigy!" Lance said in admiration and with a tone of praise.

It was apparent that Lance was referring to Rocky.

Lance's asperity with his subordinates was well known; yet, he publicly applauded Rocky two times.

Rocky was admired and envied by the commanders and officers at site, since they witnessed the intensity of Lance's love and applause for Rocky. They figured that he would get promoted and have a successful career.

It was astonishing that Rocky managed to defeat Evan within a few strikes. Most people didn't know who this man was, except for some of the commanders and officers who had seen him before. This gave the novel a mysterious coloring!

Soon, everyone in the martial field was talking about Rocky and nobody cared about other contests.

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