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   Chapter 292 The Powerful And Mysterious Man

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Although Uriah's fight stunned the audience, the skill that this mysterious man now displayed drew everyone's attention and admiration. His spiritual martial arts had caught everyone present by surprise.

The spiritual martial arts of the mysterious man obviously surpassed Evan. Many in the audience wondered about the true identity of the mysterious man. Evan was of the fourth grade of the Earthly Stage. Among the thirty participants, he was considered to be of the intermediate level. He was only slightly below the skill level of the deputy commanders. The two deputy commanders of the northeast military camp had already finished their rounds. Who then was this mysterious man? Was there another competitor from the northeast military camp who could easily overwhelm Evan?

No one in the audience had an answer.

Evan was taken completely by surprise by the man's spiritual martial arts attack. He could not believe that his strike could not withstand the arrow force from the man. As the nebula arrow came within inches from Evan, his spiritual power surged and he threw another Flying Cloud Punch against the arrow. But the nebula arrow pierced his punch attack one more time.

Murmurs filled the audience while some exclaimed in shock and amazement. Evan was a spirit manipulator of the fourth grade of the Earthly Stage and yet he somehow failed to counter an attack from this mysterious man twice in a row.

The audience quickly realized that this mysterious man was much more powerful than Evan.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the mysterious man. His aura was so intense that nobody could ignore his presence. His entrance at the arena was like that of a war god coming down to show his wrath on the helpless mortal before him.

"How is that even possible!? Evan can't withstand Rocky's spiritual martial arts attack!?" No one was more shocked than Marin. The last time she saw Rocky fight against Evan, Rocky was only of the second grade of the Earthly Stage and was weaker than Evan. It was only a few months since that fight. How did Rocky grow that strong so quickly?

"Marin, is Rocky really only of the second grade of the Earthly Stage?" Isis asked. She had never se

on Evan's side right now.

Evan found it impossible to accept what happened. Anger burned in his chest as his face twisted in complete fury.

"You are dead! Do you hear me?!" Evan yelled angrily at Rocky. He felt so humiliated. He used his anger to focus all of his spiritual power into his next spiritual martial arts attack that easily defeated Rocky before.

"Ghost Fog!"

Evan yelled the two words in grim determination and confidence. A dense white fog slowly surrounded Rocky threatening to completely engulf him. Figures of ghosts appeared from the fog as it expanded all around Rocky. They charged at Rocky all at the same time as loud shrieks and screams filled the air.

"Such a joke!" Rocky said in contempt. He summoned the Nebula Cloud Transformation with the merest gesture. A nebula-like light soon filled the area around Rocky. It expanded quickly and overwhelmed the surrounding fog. The fog and the ghosts were swept into nothingness in a matter of seconds, the screams faded into nothingness like the memory of a bad dream that melted against the rays of the morning sun.

"That is not possible!" Evan was almost stunned in disbelief as Rocky effortlessly took out his Ghost Fog.

The audience could scarcely hold back their surprise, admiration and amazement when they saw Rocky break Evan's Ghost Fog as if it was a mote of dust against the fury of the wind that was Rocky.

They all now wondered how powerful Rocky truly was.

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