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   Chapter 291 Increasing Doubt

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"The beast is a spiritual beast? No wonder its aura is so unique... However, the spiritual beast is an extremely rare kind of spirit-manipulated beast. How is it possible that he owns one? Could this spirit-manipulated beast be something more special and rare?" Lance rose abruptly and stared at Uriah sharply with a look of surprise. Although he was not a beast evaluator, his rich experience and instincts told him that Uriah was possibly a spiritual beast.

Uriah's performance shocked Lance thoroughly. He stood there astonished, eyes wide open in surprise. He was the Commander in Chief of Crimson Dragon Group, one of Three Great Generals in Holy Dragon Empire. All his people were used to his stern and calm manner, always composed no matter what the situation was. This, the Commander in Chief who looked out of sorts, had never happened before.

The commanders and officers in the grandstand were mumbling and whispering to each other. They speculated about who and what kind of person could Uriah's master be.

On their end, Marin and Isis were even more surprised. They could not even move, let alone talk for the first few moments that they laid eyes on the beast.

"Marin, look at his beast! How powerful it is! Could it be a spiritual beast?" Isis eyed Marin in amazement. She wasn't sure, but from the beginning, she had suspected that Uriah was special and different from the other spirit-manipulated beasts.

"I have no idea," answered Marin as she shook her head. She stared at the beast in disbelief. Rocky had stayed at northeast military camp for a long time, but she truly had no idea about the capability of his spirit-manipulated beast. It could be a spiritual beast! She must have been seriously negligent that Rocky had this capability and she remained unaware.

"How could you not have known this?" Isis exclaimed at Marin in complete incredulity. She knew Marin very well and how cautious she was in handling her business. How couldn't she know Rocky had a special spirit-manipulated beast! It was dubious that the Rocky had been under her for a long time and yet she remained unaware of his beast.

"I hardly saw his spirit-manipulated beast, maybe only two or three times. Neither he nor his spirit-manipulated beast participated in any kind of training before. He always disappeared for a few days and no one knew where he was. No one bothered to look for

potlight. But he would never give up so fast. He hadn't lost yet.

With all the desperation he could muster, he launched an attack toward Uriah and flew in its direction. He accumulated spiritual power in one hand and released a Flying Cloud Punch towards it. An illusionary palm was instantly formed by spiritual power in the sky and dashed towards Uriah.

Undeterred by Evan's attack, Uriah stood calm and unwavering. It was settled motionless in its place as if waiting for something.

At this critical moment, a figure jumped into the air above the crowd. He flew to Uriah and landed nearby, his movement smooth and natural.

As soon as the figure appeared on the stage, the martial field was lit up. The long awaited and mysterious master of Uriah had finally showed up.

The other four contests were eclipsed by the appearance of the mysterious figure. Everyone gathered around at this field, eager to know who it was.

Upon his landing on the ground, the man stretched out his right arm. Spiritual power intertwined his arm unto his palm, the air buzzing with power around him. The power was accumulated between his two fingers and aimed at the illusionary palm. In the blink of an eye, the spiritual power between his fingers was sent off and became a glistening arrow with nebula. It hurtled off, long tail cast behind it.

The nebula arrow pieced through the illusionary palm and shattered it. It dashed towards Evan as a lightning bolt.

Seeing this, everyone fell quiet again. Shock and disbelief once again rendered them speechless. The moment seemed to go on, forever.

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