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   Chapter 290 Who Is More Formidable

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Lance, the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group, also waited impatiently for Rocky. He stood up and stared at the competition area where Evan stood waiting confidently. Lance took a deep breath as his eyebrows drew closer together. He grew impatient because Rocky was taking too long.

The audience and onlookers in the platforms felt impatient as they stared at Evan in the middle of the competition area. They wondered what could have happened to Evan's opponent.

When Marin and Isis saw Lance get up from his seat, their hearts jumped up. They knew that if Rocky did not show up soon, Marin couldn't imagine what possible punishment would be imposed against him for his absence.

And then suddenly without warning, as if it read the thoughts of everyone in attendance, a beast of shadow emerged and rushed into the competition area and towards Evan. It pounced at Evan without warning with its sharp claws outspread and teeth bared.

The turn of events shocked everyone present. They did not expect that Evan would be attacked by a spirit-manipulated beast as he waited for his opponent.

Evan was also stunned at the sight of a spirit-manipulated beast rushing towards him. But a sliver of memory played at Evan and told him that he had seen this beast before. His reflexes quickly jumped into play; he immediately ordered his Six-armed Snow Macaque, a spirit-manipulated beast of the second grade of the three-star level, to fight the incoming beast.

The macaque could fight adeptly with all of its six arms. It was skilled at jumping and it was smart and sly at the same time. The greatest advantage that it had was its six arms. Almost anyone could easily get overwhelmed by simultaneous attacks from its six arms.

The two fierce beasts jumped towards each other without hesitation and a fierce battle ensued.

The audience watched with awe as two powerful beasts fought for dominance against the other. They were particularly curious about the beast that jumped into the fight without warning. They watched its every movement with admiration and awe. It was hard to tell exactly what its power level was but it emitted a powerful aura which was obviously not weaker than the power of the Six-armed Snow Macaque. Its body was heavily muscled toned for both power and agility. All of its four limbs were thickly boned and powerfully muscled. It conveyed an atmosphere of authority and power as if it was the king of all spirit-manipulated beasts. It captured the attention and admiration of everyone in the battle area without effort.

"It's here!" Marin exclaimed excitedly and happily. She recognized the ferocious beast as Rocky's war beast, Uriah.

Isis sitting next to Marin understood that Marin

combatants were too evenly matched.

The spectators were expecting a battle between two spirit manipulators. Somehow, it turned to a battle between two spirit-manipulated beasts. However, because of the intensity of the fight between the two beasts, the people watching could not take their eyes off the two combatants as they eagerly waited to see who would turn out the winner.

Uriah had the advantage when it came to stamina. Because of the magical saliva that it produced, Uriah simply recovered its lost stamina with the magical saliva as needed. This made it easy for Uriah to maintain its peak stamina. Therefore, on a fight that took a long time to conclude, Uriah had a complete advantage.

After continuous exchanges of attacks, counterattacks and defenses, the macaque started to show signs of fatigue and was slowing down. Keen observers started to see that the battle was slowly turning towards Uriah's favor.

When Evan saw that his war beast had started to tire out, he wanted to help it but he decided not to. He was worried that Rocky would attack once he let down his defense and went out to help his war beast. He had fought with Rocky once before and he was well aware that Rocky was truly smart. He did not want to be caught off guard by one of Rocky's traps.

Unexpectedly out of nowhere, a whistling sound rang throughout the arena. It was a signal that Uriah knew too well. And without hesitation, Uriah knew exactly what it had to do. It jumped into the air and swooped at the macaque. This forced the macaque backwards into a disadvantageous corner. Right after it completed its maneuver, Uriah's two fire tails collided and created a huge fireball that shot forth towards the macaque in one swift and fluid motion.

Instantly, the audience was ecstatic and burst into a loud uproar.

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