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   Chapter 288 Participate At Once

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The competition would start two days later.

Rocky did not want to travel to the base camp with Marin. He asked Thor to tell Marin that he would just meet them there later. Marin knew well enough that Rocky was highly independent and preferred traveling alone. She left the camp and traveled to the base camp with two Deputy Commanders and two squad leaders who were participating.

The real reason why Rocky wanted to travel on his own was because he planned to go shopping in the Evian City before he went to the base camp. He then left with Uriah and Rubygon via carriage after he completed his preparations.

When he arrived in the Evian City, Rocky went straight to the branch store of the Super Beast Farm and purchased the items that he needed. He then had a brief walk in the city and then deposited his personal carriage and luggage at the Super Beast Farm. He then left for the base camp.

That day was also the start of the competition, and the road to the base camp was filled with soldiers and spirit manipulators who traveled in groups or by themselves coming from different military camps. The guards at the gate were more lenient than usual because of the volume of soldiers and spirit manipulators who had to enter the base camp. Rocky was allowed entrance when he told them the name of the camp where he came from. Once inside, he decided not go straight to the competition area. Instead, he went to the Isis Pavilion to see Sue. It had been months since Sue saw Rubygon. Rocky knew that she must've really missed Rubygon. It was one of the reasons why he brought Rubygon with him this time.

Rubygon was familiar with the path that led to the Isis Pavilion. It twitched its head slightly when they started to walk towards the Isis Pavilion and then ran ahead of Rocky and Uriah without warning and entered it without waiting for them. A loud laughter came from inside as Rocky and Uriah approached the pavilion. An extremely happy Sue came out to meet them and she became even happier when she saw Uriah and Rocky walking towards her.

"Oh Mr. Bai! Little Rubygon has grown so much! And it's just been a few months!" Sue exclaimed in excitement. She hardly recognized Rubygon when it entered the pavilion. Rubygon was now almost as big as Uriah. Its wild nature had started to manifest. It had almost shed all of its younger down and had started to be replaced by more mature fur making it look more grown up than before.

"So you can't call him Little Rubygon anymore. It will get really mad," Rocky said with a mischievous grin.

"Is that so? So I can't call you Little Rubygon

do everything she could to get Rocky to agree to join. She even had to use the favor that Rocky promised her. But despite the promise that Rocky made that he would participate, Marin still felt worried that Rocky might go back on his word. The competition was about to start and Rocky had not shown up yet. Worry started to inch itself into Marin's stoic features.

Without warning, a slim and graceful woman, escorted by maids, entered the lounge of the northeast military camp. Her beauty that seemed to have been taken straight from the pages of fables and fairy tales, made the room even brighter.

"Deputy Commander in Chief..." Marin stood at attention and promptly saluted the woman.

The two Deputy Commanders and the squad leaders in the room all stood at attention and saluted her as they all fell victim to her unmatched beauty.

This woman was Isis!

"You don't have to do that. Commander Marin, where is the fifth member of your group?" Isis asked as she looked around the room and Rocky was not around.

"Oh, he will be here soon," Marin replied nervously.

"Very good! Commander in Chief mentioned him to me just now!" Isis said in a neutral voice. She approached Marin and whispered, "Marin, come sit with me later. I want us to talk."

Marin nodded and smiled at Isis.

Isis then left with her maids as suddenly as she arrived.

At that moment, the man responsible for setting up the matches came in and informed the members of the northeast military camp who their opponents would be.

Marin did not expect that Rocky would go against Evan. Evan used to be the squad leader of the first squad of spirit manipulators of the northeast military camp, and was transferred to the northwest military camp.

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